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Default What Distance Drivers do you carry?

Just curios list name and role they play in your bag.
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I have two cyclones, both for long distance. Two whippets, similar roles maybe slightly shorter holes. Three rams, each for different length hyzer shots.
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X Force. Truly overstable needs. Rarely thrown.
Star Destroyer. Main into the wind driver.
Champ Tern X 2. Slight into wind.
Star Tern x 2. Down wind.
S Aries. Understable utility.
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400g D1 big headwinds or power flex lines rarely used, 3 d3s from beat turnover to overstable finish straight drives minimal fade, d4 for tailwinds or turnover drives, been trying out a crank love it when I have more room for it to work on a hyzerflip.

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Ape-3 two are regular champ and my main FH drivers I use these for Max D FH shots 400+ the othe is a Blizzard for OH shots and headwind backhands(though it's getting a bit beat up for that)

Jun- one Dragon one Phoenix. The Dragon is more OS and Inuse it for BH shots 350+ that have to finish left but not big fade. Phoenix will turn much more but can go a touch farther.

Rask- for when the wind is up or when I don't want any turn at all on the shot and a hard finish.

Trying a Lace and a King right now to see if they can up my BH Max D not sure what will make it yet.
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Right now the S-Line TD is my long driver, with a Fury and Thunderbird right behind it.

If I can find a low-160-class Wave with a low PLH, I might buy and bag it, but no hurry to do that right away.

I also have a DX Destroyer I bought super cheap at PIAS (brand new for $3). I occasionally throw it to season it in, and I'll use it in windy conditions.
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Photon - new and still a bit overstable
Scorpius - goes far and it's starting to really straighten out
Glow Tern - slightly understable and tons of glide

I sometimes carry a normal champ tern but it rarely sees action these days.
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Default Drivers I throw

2 star destroyers- 1 new for headwind and OS shots, 1 beat in to fly mostly straight
1 S/DS destroyer- worn in and used for max distance but can still fly in most wind
1 champion destroyer- for big hyzer or straight with a hard finish
2 D4- rollers or big annies
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2 Star Wraiths. One is super overstable for FHs, utility rollers, skips, headwinds. Other is max D.
1 DD. Auditioning.

Mostly I throw PDs as my fastest driver.
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Summer bag: 2 GStar Destroyers, one flippy and one with some turn and fade back to center. 1 workhorse worn in Star Destroyer for straight to fade distance shots. 1 SDS pop top Star Destroyer for beefy hyzers or headwinds. 1 blizzard Scorpius for rollers.

Winter bag: 2 DX Thunderbirds, throwing 1 primarily so it gets worked in while keeping the other mostly fresh.
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