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big tailwind throw with an axis on a straight 500ft downhill hole.
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Chained out at bicentennial's new Hole 13 with my katana when I was just trying to hit some trees to beat it up.

Skipped off the top of the basket on 14 (same course)

And Today!
I threw my drive on 11, hit the first tree on the right. My approach shot was with the same disc, I lasered it through the gap and parked the basket about 340 through a bunch of trees. It was so awesome.
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Limona 7 is an uphill drive. I wormburned it, and left it 140 ft short. At that point, I was annoyed, and there was tree issues with the soft hyzer I wanted to play. So, I tossed a champ cro on a very light annie. About halfway there, I thought...."that's not going in is it?" Bam! right in the chains. Very unexpected deuce.
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280 foot chicken wing down a long chute to birdie and take the CTP on hole 6 white at Valley Springs in Durham. Never played the hole, was going to throw a thumber, but the fun frisbeehead in my brain whispered "It's a chicken wing." so I pulled out my Special blend Roc and fluttered it right down the tunnel. One of the longest chicken wing birdies I can remember. I usually only use it for shots under about 230.

Wrote Matt P "Chicken wing" on the CTP.

Jeremy Koling was in the group behind me and got it closer. He wrote Big Jerm "Normal throw".

But he missed his putt!
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Course has some short, wooded holes - opens into some more open, field holes - then back into the woods.

Had two wooded throws on the 130-ish baskets hit chains, but no dice.

One of the "open" holes has a parking lot on one side and marsh on the other, with a narrow fairway lined with trees....it's been busting my brain for 2 wks, finally lasered a Roc and parked it 20-30ft from the basket...I was just proud I didn't have to get in the marsh.

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Hit a 50' spike hyzer approach with a wizard, around a tree, in the rain, for the birdie. Total blind shot. Lost my match though.
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Girlfriend is up to 100' drive with the trusty Aviar. Playing hole #3 Signal View DGC in Maurertown, VA:

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I parked a 400' hole with barry schultz watching me then realized the basket was in the other position.
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If I witnessed a best throw of the week, does that count?
My buddy DSCJNKY hit an Ace on this hole last sunday!

It was cool to watch!
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SAw an ace on number 17 @ HAH Fairborn after the VVB. The acer threw a LHBH turnover with his Tern and it flipped , went left then slowly faded into the chains, Bam! The dude was super pumped.
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