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My partner parked a 376' hole with a beat star wraith. The guy usually throws about 325'ish so it was a really big deal for him.
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
I parked a 400' hole with barry schultz watching me then realized the basket was in the other position.
Lol, I too parked a 400 foot hole with Barry watching that day. Then I witnessed new013 ace hole 8 at unc
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460' flex with my vector.
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Probably the 65' putt for a four on hole 11 Peter pan, signature peninsula hole. I threw my second shot from the bushes on the right OB in the water. Made the long recovery shot to salvage a bogey.

Had an upshot with the Tursas from around 225' that hit the name plate, hole 5 Jones west, after a drive went into the tree. That was disappointing.
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This past weekend I was playing with my sons. My 16 y/o parks a short hole but this was on a steep hill and not an easy task. So I through a buzzz get it to high and floats all the way to the bottom of the hill. My son was bragging about his deuce so I get out my wizard and just before I throw he says "he will probably make it" to his brother. My older son is telling him to shut up so I let it go and chained about a 75 ft or so upshot. Sweet revenge!!
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I played William Yates Sprint DGC today for the first time. (I actually ended up playing more than once.) First tee is 245' across a valley from a tee pad that is too short for any sort of runup. Threw a Neutron Axis straight across, parking it on the hillside a couple of feet from the basket. I've been having some trouble adjusting to the Neutron from the Proton, as it is a bit overstable, so the straight flight with no fade, and no roll away on the hillside, were great to see!
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Was playing open today in the mini for the first time, and my drive on 13 (big hyzer) bounced off the basket and parked it in front of 950+ players. It was pretty glorious.
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150 out, behind a tree with low branches in my line. Threw a hard & low hyzer with a jokeri about 8' at the apex. It hit ground about 5 feet in front of the basket, slammed on the brakes, and stopped no more than 10' behind for a tap-in bird. Livin' the dream.
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Colfax, IA hole # 18

I was about 275-300 out. Decided to take out the barstamp buzz, put it on a hyzer line, crashed the chains, sat on the lip of the basket and then fell out for a tap in 3.

Would have been a deuce and would have been the 1st person to do it in our league that I know of.
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I parked a 520' par 4 hole a couple days ago with my effed up back. I was pretty happy having a drop in eagle. However, I'm not totally convinced that hole should be a par 4.
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