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Originally Posted by tom12003 View Post
Never look up when someone calls out fore or "heads up"; I raise my hands up around my head for protection.
Next time I'm going to immediately fall to the ground and curl into the fetal position!
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Originally Posted by mflores View Post
Next time I'm going to immediately fall to the ground and curl into the fetal position!
Make sure you also protect the family jewels.
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Hole 1, East Park, Rochester, MN. There is a sand volleyball court past and right of the basket and there was a women's volleyball tournament in progress. Of course, you know the rest of the story. Thankfully, the woman I hit bent over at the last second and the disc just skipped off her back and didn't hurt her at all. I made my 40ft putt from the edge of the court with about 50 women watching though.

I watched Cam Todd throw a drive during the final 9 at PW2001 on a 300+ ft up hill hole and smoked a dude in the temple. I was directly across the fairway and it sounded just like it it does when you smoke a tree with a drive. Lots of blood, but the dude was fine.
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I freaked out on the people playing behind me yesterday. They threw on my group while we were playing the hole even after I saw them and told them that we would let them play through on the next hole. I felt kind of bad for snapping out after, but WTF?
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My friend has hit me a total of 11 times now... fortunately it's only when he's in the putting area. He's putted at my head 3-4 times and hit me everywhere else except my nuts. Any time I play with him getting hit is no longer a shock (though I still get pissed nonetheless).
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Caught a crush to the shin one afternoon when a group of friends and I were playing.. every group has "that guy" and our guys nickname is Crash.. Figures lol crush/crash. Anywho he was probably 80ft away from me, 150 from the basket and whipped a crazy sidearm throw and didn't feel like calling fore! I still think to this day that he had to be aiming for me ha
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I've been hit by stray drives a couple of times, and to my shame once skipped a stray drive into a pedestrian. I apologized and she was forgiving, and none of the hits I have given or received caused any injury. If you don't step in front of someone when they're throwing, you probably won't get hit very hard if you ever are. Even drivers don't hurt 300' or more downfield. Don't step in front of people in your group and you probably won't get hurt.
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Anyone have the clip of that Spotter being hit by GG at the 2011 Memorial?
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My third time out ever. I had had just bought a few blizzard discs because I got suckered in with the "this will definitely give beginners the distance avdanced players get" pitch from the pro shop owner. So I brought my wife and my three year old son to watch me play( who likes playing solo?). They get tired of it after one basket and decide to go watch the ducks at the lake a hundred feet to the right. Tee#2 was a shot along side the lake and past the end of the lake. I take my 132 blizzard katana and rip it as hard as I can, which made me release it with hyzer( at the time I was LHBH). Disc flies up and out about 150' before zeroing in on a group of people at the end of the lake and zooming straight towards them. I see my wife and son standing there watching me throw. I don't say fore because I was just praying it would drop out before reaching them. It slams my wifes shin a foot away from my son's head and leaves a bump for a week. The locals were at a tee close by her and apologized to her and said "some people just don't know what weight they shold be throwing". She said "that's my husband, and that's what he's trying to figure out right now." They got a good laugh. Now I yell fore when i'm sure it's going within ten feet of someone... When it's ten feet in front of someone. I hope you all enjoy my story.
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I hit Mark Ellis in the jewels while playing catch....
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