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Default Hot Stamping

I'm sure a few of us have killed 30 minutes browsing around to see what a hot stamping press would cost.

I might be taking the idea a little more seriously than some others, as I work at a machine shop, and have access to the equipment/people needed to machine stamps.

The only presses I've found that are within reason ($200-$300), don't look like they could take a mold. It looks like they're designed only to take type and dates.

Anyone found a manual press that's priced well enough for an amateur to consider buying?
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i browsed around for this for about 30 minutes once. from what i could tell buying something used is the best way to go to get the equipment size you need without spending a whole lot. seemed to be a lot of stuff on ebay.
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I was going to post this same thread so I'm glad I found this one.

How much does a hot stamp cost? The foil seems relatively inexpensive. You'd want a hot stamp machine capable of stamping something about 7" in diameter or so, at least 6".

How much does creating a mold for the actual stamp cost? That is likely the cost prohibitive part, right?
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The foil looks like ~15 a roll on eBay.

The machines range in cost.
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Golf dies = $65ish

Mini dies = $35ish
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Gateway charges $60 for a disc stamp and $30 for a mini stamp. I presently work there and spend a good amount of time on the hot stamper. There is a certain amount of loss that has to be counted in...you will burn through some x-outs getting the stamp centered and the design "dialed in". Every stamp is different and requires building up the press plate with masking tape in the right areas to make sure that it "hits" correctly and completely. You also have to manipulate the dwell time and heat settings to try to minimize burning it in too much. This is particulary tricky with baseline plastics. Certain types of foil only work with certain types of plastic, so you have to have a large variety of foil backings to work with as well. There truly is an art to stamping frisbees. It is not as simple as sticking the plate in and firing off a bunch of perfect discs...trust me! BTW, the plates are made from magnesium, which is a particulary volatile metal. You have to be extremely careful with the shavings created from drilling out the mounting holes. 2000 degree flare ups can be a bit exciting if you know what I mean!

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Thanks, discdoh. That is more than enough to scare me off pursuing this idea even as a "something to do" kind of hobby or distraction.
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