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Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
I named Eclipse, but that was the only one. Until recently with these two drivers I had focused only on the MVP branding. I asked for MVP's approval of this concept 12 days ago, then pitched it to the DN crew, so it's about 2 weeks old.
talk them into an overstable driver Zam!
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The Teebird must be magic. No one else can make one.
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Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
1 x 6L6 STR-440
2 x 12AX7 / 7025 / ECC83
(the tube section was referenced from a Mesa Boogie)
i can only assume it'd run in Class A, being MVP and all..

the knobs and grille were sourced from a Bassman and the nameplate logo is a reproduction of the Deluxe Reverb

and an upcoming wallpaper features a hand-drawn Twin schematic

Off the top of my head, that sounds like a Mini Rectifier
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Still waiting for my lid, Gott damn it.
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Originally Posted by sloppydisc View Post
The Teebird must be magic. No one else can make one.
True ^
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I didn't mean to imply flippy was a negative. I am genuinely interested to see how the first understable gyro molded disc flies, I just don't imagine this disc covering many shots for me that I don't have covered well at the moment. Then again I felt solid about my setup before the Volt came out and now its my go to driver for pretty much any long fh or bh shot.

FWIW I can throw a 500' drive but I still find Roadrunners controllable in the 400-430' range. A lot of people could benefit from some more understable molds, myself included.

One of my favorite discs to throw right now is a really worn Axis that is understable. I've been choosing it for a lot of short hyzer holes lately. It's interesting throwing it on a hyzer line like that on a shot I'd normally grab my Vector. Also have a few beat up Quasars that are distance machines now...

Originally Posted by throwfromthewoods View Post
FWIW, I couldn't get my Volt to turn over at all on a normal throw. And I'm not exactly a noodle arm (no big-boy thrower either, though). Isn't flippy a relative term? I mean, I get that 500' power throwers don't break out a RR for big bombing drives. But the way I understood the understable/overstable issue is that big arms CAN throw understable plastic, whereas (seriously) overstable plastic CAN'T be thrown by weaker arms for distance.

So, in regards to distance, "flippy" just means you're throwing it too hard (or suffering OAT), so it's a mechanics thing. "Meathook" would mean you're throwing something you shouldn't be, so it's an equipment thing.

And just to clarify, this isn't meant to bash or insult ANYBODY. If I could throw 400'+ power drives, I'd be using a Destroyer I'm sure. I guess with the new Lace, the Amp, and Opto Air, etc. recently I've been seeing the word "flippy" used ALOT in a negative context. Or people (NOT the post I'm quoting, just to clarify) who are feeling the need to point out that this disc is not for them.

I'd wager the vast majority of active DGers out there benefit from an understable fairway driver. My River is my magic disc, I'd be lost without it. Overstability will come from MVP, I'm sure. But their core of devoted fanbase is already there. Certainly can't blame them for wanting to widen that umbrella.
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^^^^^ I want this
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Originally Posted by whentherainscome View Post
There's an extremely obvious Marshall St stamp for this disc.
is there now?
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Originally Posted by solomon.trenton View Post
is there now?
Yes, and I'd be surprised if they (you) didn't jump on it.
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Marshall StAMP?
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