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Does anyone use lotion/moisturizer to combat dry hands in the winter? If so a specifuc product or brand you really like?
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Originally Posted by Martin Dewgarita View Post
Any tips for keeping water from freezing at cold temps? I typically use a powerade bottle, but at much colder than 20F it gets slushy and freezes the opening shut. A thermos might work, but is bulky and tedious to use. Looking for some middle ground, something insulated, easy to drink from, that won't freeze up the opening mechanism. Anybody have experience? Anybody have any ideas?
Stow it upside down. Water freezes at the "top", so the opening won't freeze.

Or, try keeping it inside your clothes.
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Originally Posted by nnelson42 View Post
Does anyone use lotion/moisturizer to combat dry hands in the winter? If so a specifuc product or brand you really like?
I was wondering the same thing. I played yesterday and everything felt slippery so I could not get a good grip. I tend to lick my fingers even in warm weather but don't wan't to keep wetting my skin when it's cold.
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I believe gatorade has salt in it... it will freeze at a lower temp than water. So will alcohol. Grip is a huge problem for me in the cold, change your shot so that it's less fancy.. if you can throw straighter simpler shots rather than big turnover spin shots you remove some of the necessity for grip. I like to practice putting with wet discs it will change the way you think sbout your throws.

A hot pocket in your gloved non throwing hand helps too, stashing your disc in your coat warms it before the throw.
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I'll just carry vodka instead of water.
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Layers. Layers layers layers. I use thick socks, thermal undergarments (top & bottom if really cold, usually just top) long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee, rain/wind resistant poly-spandex sports jacket. A really good sock hat, which is absolutely clutch. I don't use gloves very often, but one good glove for your offhand and a thick mitten for your throwing hand is the way to go. Mitten is easy on and off and you can tuck a hand warmer in it. This usually keeps me well down to the single digits. I hate ski masks but can see the sense in a scarf.
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I try to keep gloves on both hands as much as i can. Take one off to throw, then put it back on. Also i think alot more about grip. Generally i grip the disc just a little harder in the winter. Hands get really cold fast so its easy to mess up your grip and have early release of the disc(certain plastics are worse for this).

also slow it all down. half of the mistakes in the winter are mental. Try to play your normal game and dont rush through shots or putts just because its cold.
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Originally Posted by Brokensaint View Post
I hate ski masks but can see the sense in a scarf.

I use this all the time when snowboarding and I bring it out for cold disc rounds as well. Way less cumbersome than a scarf and it's VERY warm.
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Is champion type plastic ok to throw in colder temps or will the plastic crack? I imagine Star and Pro plastic is ok to throw in the colder temps. Actually thinking about throwing in the snow today...
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I've heard of champ discs breaking, but it's very rare.
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