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No off season here in Nashville. I get out of work at 2:30 so I still get in 9 holes about 4x a week, and play full rounds on the weekend. Plus our club Music City Disc Golf just started a winter series of tournaments at Cedar Hill, so my tourney schedule rolls on!
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I am doing "Convict Conditioning" and CC 2 (by Paul "Coach" Wade) and love them. Been doing since April this year. I also started to do running (barefoot/minimalist running) this year. Paul should come out with CC 3 sometime in 2013 which focus more on plyometrics.

I am in Florida so I get to play disc golf practically everyday. I am starting to focus on field work lately like I did 60 throws RHBH and 60 throws LHBH today plus 120 throws RHFH (just to throw discs back to "tee").
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If you don't play in the snow, well, then you gots' to go.
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I play all year. Snow doesn't stop me. As far as workout goes...I do p90 x all year too. As far as eating goes, I stumbled on to Isagenix. The best food and meanest protein every made. All natural and helps me stay energized. PM me if you want details on that.
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Ride bike to work. rain, snow or shine, 3 miles one way.
Exercise dog by driving dog discs in field behind the house twice daily.
Half hour of putting practice in the yard.

Sunday rounds. At least 32 holes of play.
Longer bike ride ~20 miles (if weather is ok)

I'd love to be able to throw courses more often, but the sun is just getting to know the ground when i leave for work, and is long gone by the time i get off.

Can't wait for March.
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Glow golf. Played 18 yesterday and 27 today after dark. The maglite my wife got me for my birthday has helped immensely. Also, racquetball and other cardio, mainly elliptical, but that's for general health and to offset the additional beer I tend to drink in the winter. Need to hit the weights again too. And put some time in on the friggin' Datsun.
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There's an offseason? I begin every warmup with the right pec drill, or in my case the left pec drill. But I don't stop playing just because it gets cold.
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Some good stuff in here. Especially nice to see all of the yoga mentions. I started a brief daily stretching routine about 7 years ago, which developed into 45 minutes+ of yoga every morning. Amazing habit. Can't imagine waking up without it.

New Orleans weather makes year-round practice possible. I play every Monday and Friday in between jobs. Was getting field work in an additional night or two a week, but the park I was doing this at stopped turning their lights on. Bummer.

Originally Posted by b-mart View Post
Practice rounds consist of throwing three discs from the tee: An Opto Pure, a Z Comet, and whatever other disc I choose (mids most recently, but about to upgrade to fairways). Each disc is played as its own score. The Pure is used for every shot from its lie. The Comet and disc of choice are only used from the tee, and then replaced by an Ion and an Anode respectively. If I have a long approach shot I might use the Comet for the second shot too.
Very cool-sounding routine, b-mart. I'd like to get something like this going. Some of my best work has been on days where I've gone out and thrown primarily Comets - it's great for form, and really dials me in to the disc's capabilities. Might need to make more of a habit of it.
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Originally Posted by JR Stengele View Post
^ THIS - Hence why I play 2x a month.
well I got lucky this year, my new job is right around the corner from a DG course and it has a "beginner loop" of 6 holes 230 or less. I play every day at lunch. Weekends are not mine anymore.
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Originally Posted by keltik View Post
@ManU: Congrats!! but if this is your first child you can hang up DG for a few months, not only your child but your wife will demand your time and attention. I guess luckily for you this will span most of the winter up there in Canadia.
Originally Posted by JR Stengele View Post
^ THIS - Hence why I play 2x a month.
I have a 5.5 month old, first baby, and it's the reason I get to play 1x a week, 90 or so minutes max.
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