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Default What does each manufacturer do best?

I was curious as to what everyone thought each manufacturer had as strengths in their line-ups and weaknesses? In my opinion, I think Discraft has much better mids than they do drivers, so I think their strength is in their midranges, whereas I feel like Innova is better at creating drivers than midranges.

So what I'm wondering is: What type of disc would you say each company is best at, and which ones are weaknesses for individual companies? To keep this from being a comparison of different companies' lineups, go from the quality of disc and how well they fit their intended role coupled with the disc's versatility (otherwise this would be dominated by the big dogs).
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These are the strengths IMO

Discraft: wide variety of plastic types

Innova: huge distribution, cheap base line plastic

Lat/Westside: some of the most durable plastics, great looking discs, lots of molds that reward control and finesse

MVP: consistency

Gateway: lots of choices within a mold for certain "feel" of plastic. Good price

These are about the only companies I have sampled enough of to have an opinion.
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Innova = Drivers, fairway drivers / Largest variety of molds
Discraft = Mids / Most of their molds can be bought in any plastic with out paying 5x the price
Gateway = Putters / CHEAP several softnesses in the putters
Lat 64= fairway drivers / Nice plastic, consistent product
Vibram = Putters / Durability second to none.
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Innova - Certainly Drivers/Fairway Drivers
Discraft - Mids
Gateway - Putters
Latitude 64 - Fairway Drivers/the best looking plastic on the market
Legacy - several plastics/high speed drivers
MVP - gyro rims/consistent
Discmania - Fairway Drivers
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Innova makes the most inconsistent molds (especially the new blizzard crap) and far too many hyper speed discs that 95% of people cant and shouldn't be throwing.. which hurts the sport more than it helps it. They do make GREAT fairway and control drivers if you can find a consistent mold that flies the way its intended to. good luck with that.. for example: Leopard, Eagle, Teebird are great drivers that i use for shots around 400'+

Discraft makes incomplete discs, they just don't feel well rounded to me, none of their discs, besides the buzzz, feel like a disc i would use for more than one situation. and consistency from their molds in different types of plastics is nowhere to be seen, they may as well change the name of the disc when they change the plastic.. I never enjoyed throwing Discrap, but i know people who love throwing the stuff, none of them are very good disc golfers tho. Not many good things i can say about Discraft, sorry.

Westside Discs makes a GREAT high speed neutral stable driver that has improved my game by leaps and bounds, its the Westside Sword (tournament plastic), it can hyzer flip, fly straight as an arrow with a forward penetrating/slow fade, or even HUGE anny shots for those 500' annhyzer bombs.. i love the disc and feel like i can control it even when throwing it at my max power.. its a GEM and like other companies depending on the plastic you get the disc will fly a little differently. if you get VIP plastic the disc will fly slightly more overstable and you wont get the anny capabilities you will with tournament plastic. Westside has been somewhat consistent for me.. better than innova thats for sure.

MVP Disc Sports They have the most consistent molds in the industry. Neutron plastic will be slightly more stable than Proton consistently. EVERY disc they make is good, i enjoy throwing anything they make. Their Vector and Axis will be a better option than a ROC or Buzzz in my opinion. They have the latest disc technology with GYRO tech that allows the disc to hold the line you put it on longer, and farther. My bag slowly has become MVP dominant and it has improved my game far more than any other discs ever have. They have superior glide and feel more intuitive in flight. I also like that their discs force you to hold the disc properly and throw with proper form in order to get their superior flight characteristics over any other discs out there. MVP discs will make you a better player than other discs can, my experience is living proof of this. MVP has the best putters that will keep you confident inside and outside the circle, they are extremely consistent. Cons - Its hard to get used to some MVP discs like their putters, but VERY rewarding when mastered.

Honorable Mention: Lat64 has great Disc called River, my favorite Under-stable Fairway Driver.

This is just some random chicken scratch.. take it for what its worth.
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Originally Posted by prerube View Post
Innova = Drivers, fairway drivers / Largest variety of molds
Discraft = Mids / Most of their molds can be bought in any plastic with out paying 5x the price
Gateway = Putters / CHEAP several softnesses in the putters
Lat 64= fairway drivers / Nice plastic, consistent product
Vibram = Putters / Durability second to none.


ill add innova putters to that list as well
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Everyone has pretty much covered everything.

I'll only add that no company is as lopsided in their production as Gateway is with their putters. Because of this, they have developed what is arguably the best putter line in the industry. This is partly because of their willingness to have a plastic for everybody, and offer a broad spectrum of plastic blends.
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Vibram = Putters.
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Agree about Discraft mids and Gateway putters. Innova makes a couple gems, but their selection is so huge they can get lost.
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Surprised these haven't been mentioned yet:

Millennium- some of the best control discs on the market for all ranges. The run numberings also help to identify which run is better or worse
Discmania- Can just say no bad disc by any stretch of the imagination. Good variety of plastics. Discs like the PD and MD2 can cover an entire array of shots by just getting duplicates in different weights/plastics
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