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An opto core may feel more like your buzzz. I have found that if you take the flashing off they are a great understable compliment to a buzzz.
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If you find an older pro d buzz that has a concave top.... they are crazy understable. I use them for my understable midrange most of the time.

I am only going to keep this flippy buzzz going until I can beat in my crsytal buzzz to do the same thing.

I currently have for my mids: Ti Buzzz (stable), cryztal buzzz (neutral), pro d buzzz (understable)...... stingray for utility/super understable.
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I bought a Flying Squirrel a few months back because I wanted to have a disc that not a lot of people had. It turns out it is one of my favorite anny/hyzer flip mid range discs. You can put it on a generous hyzer and have it flip up, turn and then fade just a bit. It is a very underrated disc in my opinion.
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I have used a Crystal Buzzz that was understable compared to my other Buzzz molds.

I have been using lately the 2012 Ace Race disc as my understable mid. It has a very similar feel to a Buzzz.
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My Meteor compliments my Buzzz discs very well. I carry about 4 buzzes. 2 fly straight...one a bit stable...one crystal flx is flippier. I throw a buzzz as much as I can but when I need a bit more right finish (RHBH) with a hyzerflip start, i reach for my Meteor.
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I had a beat to snot X Buzzz that did exactly what you are describing. Just lost it this weekend in the lake at West Lake Park in Davenport, IA and proceeded to order a beat D Buzzz. I am hoping it does the same.
In all reality a beat D buzzz should do the trick.
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ESP Buzz would take a while to beat in. At 300' of D a Pro D Buzz will show a bit of high speed turn when new....at least last time I threw them they did.

However there are much better discs to do what you want. Mold minimalism is cool and all but a Buzz isn't the glidiest mid for anhyzers and turnovers.

I would suggest trying out a Latitude 64 Fuse. They feel similar to a buzz but start out more understable. One of the smoothest flying discs I've tried.

Oh, and find a putter that works for you. Again, speaking from experience. Putters might feel weird and the Buzz might be working for you now for putting, but in the long run learning to use a real putter will be incredibly beneficial to you.
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I'd suggest maybe a glide....
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My buddy uses a old 2003 pro d holiday buzzz. Its hols the anny line to perfection.
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Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
hmmmmmm.... never really thrown anything from Gateway, (save for a Wizard). Perhaps I should give it a try?
Element really is a great disc. The cheaper S plastic is even more understable than its E HPP counterpart, too.
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