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Banshee plastic differences

I'm looking at getting some banshees and I have some plastic questions.

The old PFN banshees are still easy enough to find and I'm wondering if there is a significant difference between the newer champ banshees and the PFN banshees. Stability wise or anything else. Any opinions or comparisons on these two are welcome and appreciated.

I'm also curious about what people think of the Gstar banshees available at the pro shop and how they compare to the champ banshees.
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I never ended up picking up a G Star, but old Banshees and new Banshees are pretty interchangeable, flight wise. The new ones are a little domier, while a lot of people just prefer the feel of the PFN plastic.
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The pfn are flatter and more overstable in my experiences.
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Pretty close from the ones I have thrown. I will say I very much prefer PFN or pat# ones. I have a pat# PFN that I like a lot, I get a better thumber from the super flat ones (I do admit that may all be in my head though).
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i have a really old pearly one that isn't very overstable. but it's only 166g. feels nice though.
the newer one i used to have was more overstable and less glide. it was a 172g though.
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I think every Champ Banshee with flight numbers I've seen has had a plus rim to it and been in opaque plastic. I don't know how they fly but I don't like their feel at all.
The PFN Banshees have all been opaque as well, most of them are pretty grippy and a little bit gummy I would say, but I also have one that has a kind of a oily/greasy feeling plastic that feels great even if it doesn't really sound like it. I wonder if it's just really old and the plastic has started degrading.
This is just my experience.
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My local shop has had flight number banshees that have to be old stock, but freshly stamped. Look exactly like my older PFN inventory. Patent numbered, flat, old pearly style plastic.

Try to get to a few different stores, I bet you'll find some goodies.
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PFN champ banshees (One of mine is 168g) are very overstable (Not to the extreme of a whippet, but still very overstable.) Even an extremely old beat in one that is missing at this point the outter rim notch that hangs down is still not a straight flier like a teebird even.

DX Banshees seem to be the total opposite though. Totally stable with nice glide compared to the champion ones. Unfortunately if you don't want to learn to throw it properly it can become too understable within a week. (Bought a DX banshee last summer and hit the bottom of a pin on it my 2nd round with it that day and an ace that same round just shooting it perfectly straight with a soft but consistant fade.)

Does anyone have any experience besides mine with dx banshees being totally straight fliers being barely overstable fresh out of the box? (I never s curved mine fresh out of the box because I felt like it wouldn't have had a strong enough fade to come back to justify it.)
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Banshees that are coming out today are new old stock. A lot of them are the same thing as the pfn ones and others are plus mold.
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You guys should try the SE Banshees. The plastic is amazing and stays in the sweet spot a long time. I've had an SE Banshee in the bag well over 2 years and it still flies amazing. I can snap that thing flat and hard and it goes straight with a little right turn and then constantly fades left. It's a thing of beauty. It goes great with the 11x that I have that refuses to break in no matter what I do. Banshees are a very under utilized disc. They can do all kinds of things.
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