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Default Does Anyone Use Millennium Discs?

We launched a new disc golf website a month ago and have received almost a thousand ratings and reviews from disc golfers all over the country. While some discs have dozens of ratings, very few Millennium discs have been rated. The Omega, Orian LF, Scorpius, and Quesar haven't been rated at all.

Are these discs just not very popular? Does anyone use Millennium Discs anymore?

Personally, I like Millennium discs I've played with. The Omega Super Soft is my putter. I also really like the way the Polaris and JLS feel and fly. The Astra was my backhand Distance driver before it got too flippy for me.

It looks like Millennium is attempting to advance. They've come up with new discs and have revamped their website in the last year, but is nobody using them? Have they gone the way of Lightning and been pushed to irrelevance as new innovative companies market better?

If you have played with these discs, and have a minute go to our website and rate the Millennium discs you've used.

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i love qjls!! that's all the millennium i throw though...
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I only throw an old quantum ce QJLS now. In the past I tried a QMS, but it had little glide. The omegas are very popular but it just depends where your at in the country. Where I live in SoCal it's ruled by Innova, legacy and DGA. So you do t see that much millenium.
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I started out with a Polaris LS, but the JLS has taken it's spot in my bag
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MOLS is the best roller disc ever!!!

Currently putt with 1.11 Omega APs and love them.

Really looking forward to some bottom-stamp S-Scorpiuses (Scorpii?) that are on my Christmas list.
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I just bought an Omega SS, but haven't had a chance to throw it yet. It feels really nice and soft, and I can't wait to give it a whirl!
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Started with a polaris ls, but love and stuck with the jls.
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Didnt like any of them besides the omega super soft, its my go to putter.
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I've got and SOLF (hyzer flipper) and QOLF (overstable) in my bag. They're used when I need more than an eagle/teebird but less than a destroyer. Very dependable fade with both discs. I find the SOLF to be longer due to its comparative understability.
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Qolfs are nice but it can be difficult to find a good one. I threw QMS's for awhile but they slowly lost out to comets and rocs. I do throw an omega SS in the winter so I don't worry about losing my small bead aviars. The extra grip is nice in the cold as well. I would like to try a quasar, but I don't see them bumping destroyers.
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