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is it up hill?

if 210 to the turn then I guess flip a Fuse for a straight up shot and then either the Fuse again (or maybe a Zone or Warship for approach)

and then miss my putt
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I'd go with a comet off the tee to get to the 'sweet spot', then lay up with a comet since I don't want to be short.
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Originally Posted by bazillion View Post
My stregety exxactly.

Although do the locals play an overhand route at all? Can't tell how close the tops of those trees are to the left side of the teebox.

Also, is that blue rope OB?? If so, that's SICK!
I've seen several big arms succeed in bombing over the trees to land just short of the bunker. I'd probably play that way if I was a righty.

Blue rope is indeed OB, and what's most nasty about it is that it's only about 4-5 feet from the OB. Try parking the second shot and you might either end up OB or so long that you'll face a putt that if you miss you'll likely be in the bunker! Going long you'll quite likely be in some bad rough aswell.

This season my average was under par on that hole for the first time. The reason being mostly playing safe and good putting.
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soft focus x2
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sweet piece of golf here. i can't tell how long it is to the dogleg, but probably a roc to there, then another roc or wizard if it's under 280.
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Wow. I love Swedish music and Swedish plastic, and my friend John married a pretty cool Swede, but I don't think I want to play this hole. At all. Ever.
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Polecat drive to landing zone, then a Polecat upshot, putt out.
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Buzzz then a upshot with a DX Aviar.
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210' to the bend?
Zone with a hopeful skip around the corner
Pure to approach
Wizard to putt

Or, if I'm throwing really well that day...
PD on a hyzer with a Wizard chaser
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