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Originally Posted by diskhead View Post
So while everyone is hoarding as many of these as possible, do you guys think these won't go up in value as much as you hoped?

I wasn't around during the CE era, but I think what made CE so valuable is the smaller number of people that hoarded it(and the awesome plastic blend). Maybe people instantly knew CE discs would skyrocket in value, but it probably wasn't like it is now with all the Innova fanboys hoarding new production runs in hopes of unloading later for nice profits. Again, I wasn't playing DG when CE was in production so IDK if people were as hyped about those as people are today about new stuff. But you know the sentiment about "collectible" stuff, it usually doesn't raise in value like something that becomes collectible organically

That being said... Im going to buy at least 10 of these and will be throwing the majority of them.
i don't see them being worth more than $40. that's pretty typical non-standard roc pricing. it depends on if they are awesome throwers.
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Originally Posted by Eco81 View Post
I am confused, is it going to be 50 protostars to each retailer? or 50 protostars per week for a couple weeks? I would like to get a protostar but would like the weight and color I want
Well, the way its worded by innova is, the protostars specifically will be released this way. As for how many and over what time period, innova hasnt said anything in regard to that, that ive seen.
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Originally Posted by elnino View Post
i wonder about this too..


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I was playing when CE was around, and what turned off a lot of people during that era was it was quite a bit pricier than DX stuff. There wasn't six bajillion plastic blends around at the time, so the feeling in my area was that it was kind of a fad, or, at the very least, to see if it would last before people bought in.

The thing now is, lots of players (including me) tend to jump all over what the new hottness is. Sometimes it works out for the best, but if you're trying to hoard them for value, I don't think it's going to work out for you.

It's like back in the mid-90s with comic books. All these charecters were getting killed off, injured, maimed whatever and every issue had sixteen variant covers. Tons of people were buying all these books to sell them later, and it now turns out they aren't worth the paper they were printed on. They didn't care about the stories contained therein, and so the companies didn't worry about making good stories.

It's starting to happen in Disc Golf, specifically with Innova (though I am an Innova supporter) flooding the market with tons of new molds. Big discussions are avalability and plastic blends and value, but no one is asking how they fly. I actually like the Dominator, but most people don't. Same with the Krait. Same will probably be true for the Tern.
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I might go through my baseball cards from the 80's and see what they worth now. If I can sell them and "reinvest" in some of these rocs I will.
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I'm so glad i quit rocs. They are pretty looking tho.
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Justin has them for pre-sale at Community DG for $19 with $1 shipping. Can't beat that and his customer service is solid. Got myself 2.
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I know I'm not talking about the RC3 production proto, but...

I just got my first J/O RC3 and it was naturally flat. It's 180 and I threw it for a round on an open course yesterday.

I'm a legitimate advanced player (953) and I know a flippy or straight mid. My RC3 is NOT the "straight" Roc that these threads lead me to believe the RC3 would be...

Very overstable disc with significant fade at the end. I can throw it straight for about 250 and then it tanks out left HARD!

That being said, I really like it...
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Originally Posted by inourdr View Post
Justin has them for pre-sale at Community DG for $19 with $1 shipping. Can't beat that and his customer service is solid. Got myself 2.
Thanks! Got one for $20 shipped
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Originally Posted by fliphyzer View Post
Thanks! Got one for $20 shipped
This. Just seen the fb post on community and picked one up. Blue or orange. Hopefully.
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