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Not really completely ambicextrous but I will throw LFBH on some right-fading approach shots. For longer right-fading shots I'll use RHFH.
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A guy I play with has spent the last few months throwing LHBH as well as RHBH. He only does the LHBH on open holes, but can get it out further than RHBH. The consistency isn't really there yet, but on open/long holes it definitely helps him get some extra D.

I don't feel i need to try, since i can use RHBH, RHFH, RHBH turnover shots, so i don't think it would add much (other than less shoulder fatigue, which would be good for my screwed up shoulder from pitching all those years)
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I found that trying the other arm was easier when I returned home and tried the new throws on a disc golf video game. It helped get the awkward throws out of the way developing some muscle memory so I could return to the real world with success. Like a training program for disc golf the game actually had real-world use!
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I just started to practice driving with LHBH last week and the progress is pretty good. First day it was like 200 feet or so from stand still, then increased to 240-250 feet the following day. Then on third day with "walking" X step, I was able to get my Volts out to around 270-300 feet. Will take time to develop better aiming and disc control.

The reason I decide to go for LHBH is that I have on going neck issues since July 2010 and my RHFH is not that great. I can throw some good lines/distance with RHFH but not as consistent as I wanted to be. Since I learned a lot of what is the ideal way to throw disc so it is good to start from the clean slate with my off-hand.

I won't be surprised if I can throw further with my left than my right. But I ll use right for putting/approaches anyway.

I think it would be advantageous for talented kid wanting to grow up as world champ to use both hands for BH. Yes FH is very useful for some situations (difficult lie, limited space etc) but BH is far more consistent in most situations and it would be big advantage to use BH on both sides.
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I am mildly ambidextrous, probably closer to confused than truly ambidextrous, and mainly a lefty. I throw a ball, bowl, bat, play ultimate, write and eat lefty. In dg I drive RHBH and putt and short approach lefty. For me I think this is natural because batting lefty is the same general body motion as a RHBH. I have been playing dg for about 10 months now and just started playing on a softball team a couple of weeks ago for the first time in about 5 years. My first time batting (left handed) I noticed I had waaaaay more power than when I was playing baseball or softball regularly. I can only attribute this to driving RHBH in disc golf.
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Today during fieldwork I tried throwing left hand. After awhile I was throwing decent d, but no real accuracy. I was able to throw my new champ teebird consistently farther left handed then when I throw it rhbh with much less harsh fade.
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Originally Posted by heartman View Post
Phil Arthur throws ambidextrously ... seems to work for him.
Jay Reading also throws offhand, but says he's not really ambidextrous. He just trained his offhand.

I sometimes throw offhand during a practice round using a second disc. Once I get it warmed up, it is as good as my forehand. But if I haven't used it in a while, I have to work it back up.
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Originally Posted by Psicko View Post
After I got home from field work, the thought crossed my mind. I think the next time I do field work, I'm going to try left hand as well.
That sounds like a pretty good idea to exercise your brain with your non dominant hand.
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I'm a righty but throw more than half of my drives lefty. It's just like swinging a baseball bat from the left side, much easier than most people think... definitely easier than learning how to accurately crank anhyzer shots IMHO.
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After having shoulder surgery on my Right my RHBH/RHFH were out of the question for 4-5 months. I couldnt give up Disc Golf (even in off season) So I trained my left for throws.
After some practice and just mirroring your form its quite easy to throw left handed, just takes time and mirroring all of your form correctly. It also helps for those long right dog legs!
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