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There's a local who destroyed his elbow years ago and plays mostly righty but can throw lefty too. Don't know about putting, but he can get to about 300 with right and probably about 250-260 left. Oh, and he's older too, which is why he doesn't have much distance.(What am I saying... my distance sucks too.)
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I have a few good LHBH and RHBH shots, not to mention I always put right handed.

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thank you for saying 'ambidextrous', not 'ambidextrious'...
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Threw half a round the other day left handed since a blood blister popped up on my right middle finger. I can get distance still, but I always release them with too much hyzer :/ And my left hand midrange game is garbage though my 10 foot putts aren't too bad. I think it'd be fun to register me a second PDGA number as Stephen McLefty and just play some rec tourneys with my offhand.
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Work related tendonitis has made me switch to my left. It is humbling, yet free of expectation. I have yet to reach comparable distance as with my right, and I've absolutely no forehand throwing lefty, but what am I going to do.... quit playing altogether until my right elbow heals(IF it ever does)? I will say I have better form throwing lefty, just not as much confidence or muscle memory as throwing righty. I doubt I'll use my left much should my right elbow rehabilitation be successful, I really enjoy throwing forehand with my right as well as overhand, but I could see it being useful in a tight spot. My putting is actually comparable, but that speaks more to how bad a putter I am, with either hand.
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Learning to throw with one's off hand feels like taking a trip down memory lane... through what we call in the shop-the stupid years... especially true for my approach shots... all you can do is laugh.
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i feel like i have a physical disability when using my left hand for throwing discs.

My left hand can get some 1000 raded rounds when surfing the internet though
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Yep, everyone maligns lefties---until your partner in blind doubles is a southpaw who can throw shots no normal righty can even fathom, and ya'll win by four strokes.

Me? I've thrown some short approaches and putts righty, but they feel awkward and flutter like a dying quail.

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I started five years ago, and there are two predominately Lefty Hyzer holes on our course and I couldn't throw them Righty. I started throwing the drives on these lefty and it has stuck. I can consistently throw farther LHBH, but don't like the feel of mids or putters in my left hand. I shoot lefty with a hockey stick, can bat both ways baseball, throw a football with both.

I have three aces with each hand. The three right handed aces are <220 feet, two of the three lefty aces are ~280ft, other was a 200' laser beam shot.
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Originally Posted by freezermink View Post
i'm pretty much in the same stages as you are. I'm naturally right handed at pretty much everything i do, EXCEPT when it comes to discs. I've played ultimate for 13-14 years and my left hand was always the dominant one for some reason. Just this last year i've come to the realization that because my lefty flick is, to be blunt, horrid, i should start throwing righty more often.

I, too, have been surprised at the distance and speed in which i was throwing righty. I probably helps that everything else i do is right dominant, so the muscle structure, coordination and timing are all there. I'm noticing that because i've been concentrating more on form from the ground up that i'm getting quite a bit better snap with my right hand. It seems like a matter of learning from the beginning rather than trying to break habits formed with my left hand.

its already come in handy on a few of those crazy right-to-left hyzers and getting out of trouble. Never hurts to have a few extra shots in your arsenal!
This is almost my exact story, but in reverse. I'm a natural lefty, but I've always thrown an ultimate disc right handed. I had some knee problems toward the end of last year, and went to play disc golf with my brother.

Forced to throw lefty, I realized that my snap and power were much better left handed, and that's the point I decided to start getting serious about learning to play disc golf.

Still use the right hand for those right to left short hyzers, though.

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