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Should tourning pros not be allowed to play leagues?

I read this comment on the PDGA's Facebook page:

"It's nice to see that 7 guys from my area that I know are in the top 219.
What's disappointing is that they often play in local leagues and take all the money every week. Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker are not allowed to do so by the PGA. The PDGA should ban such unethical behavior by pro players.
My suggestion: Nobody in the top 125 (that's how many have a PGA tour card) is allowed to play leagues. Nobody who has ever cashed in a PDGA A Tier event is allowed. Nobody who has entered 5 such events in a year or 10 such events lifetime should be allowed (these would be pro caliber players who have never cashed; even if they haven't yet cashed, such dedication to the tour is proof they are a touring pro). If any of them want to resume playing local leagues, they should have to completely quit the pro tour for 2 full years, playing no tournaments on any level. This should apply to pro Masters and Grand Masters as well.

(BTW, it was appalling to see Nikko drop down to play a B-Tier in the Northwest, though gratifying to see him play so poorl; that's what you get for sandbagging behavior!)"

While I have my own opinions about this, (mostly that this guy is a whiner), I curious if this opinion is shared by anyone else? Do you think a touring pro should not be allowed to play in local leagues, or tournaments smaller than an A-tier? If so, why?
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I think people are and should be free to play wherever they want to.
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That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I hope this really gets under his skin, because the changes he suggested will never happen.

Local league players LOVE having big touring pros show up. Some accept that they're donating but love the fact that they get to hang out with a big time pro. Others get fired up at the opportunity to go head to head with someone that good. Last but not least, why would you ever ban someone from doing what they love just because they're good at what they do?

I seriously can't believe someone actually said something like that.
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You gotta feed the monkey, man.

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1. Most leagues are not sanctioned by the PDGA and thus, are beyond the control of the PDGA.

2. There is not nearly a big enough pool of players to begin excluding certain players from league events. Golf has a much larger player pool, and many more opportunities for the top players to compete.

3. Touring pros are often a good way to draw bigger crowds to a league night. Usually the opportunity to play with a big name is worth the money that they end up taking.
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Sounds like someone's a big crybaby who doesn't want to put in the work to improve his game. I imagine he isn't the worst person in the league so he would be taking someone else's money every week if the pros weren't taking his.

Part of what makes disc golf so great is the intermingling between pros and ams. I believe the league in my area handicaps so this doesn't sound like it would be an issue here. Maybe he should try to change his local leagues to make things more fair to everyone instead of crying about how good the pros are.
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Lol, I would love to play with a pro in any form. Playing with better players only makes you better. (or worse if you are this guy and apparently should quit the game) Plus, beating a pro at his game would only drive me to be even better. Even if I lose, the money is going to the pro for his touring and what not. Funding is limited and I see it being a positive influence getting it from people who actually play the game.
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We had Emac come and play our C tier event @ hyzer Creek a couple months ago. It was great to have a touring pro come wipe the course up. The other pros in the tourney were happy to be able to play with him.
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This is about as dumb as banning smoking.
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I would think that a touring pro needs winnings more than Joe Sixpack, The Local Pro.
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