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The best way to stop top players from entering leagues is to sanction them. They'll be afraid their player rating will be hurt with potentially lower round ratings in league play.
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Let me say this... Nikko did come play a B tier in the NorthWest, and he played amazing. He shot one round that was rated over 1100... the only guy that beat him was Will Schusterick, maybe you've heard of him, the number one in the world! Wonder why there is the hate for Nikko playing our B tier, but not towards Will for playing the same one
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Slight thread drift:

I feel like the attitude in this thread, while correct, contradicts the entire divisional structure of the PDGA. The fact that we have so many different divisions means that basically anyone has a chance to win on any day. It creates an attitude of "he's better than me, so I shouldn't have to compete against him." Sometimes you just have to accept that you're not the best.
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Originally Posted by zenbot View Post
I would think that a touring pro needs winnings more than Joe Sixpack, The Local Pro.
I've got a 4x Joe Sixpack signature series Groove for sale if anyone is interested. $50/shipped.
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The issus isn't that top guys play leagues, it's that they have to. When top level disc golfers don't need to make 30 - 50 bux on the side to support their profession and can instead be in a field working on their game during that time, then we should worry about this.
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If the whole function of sanctioned events is to elicit strong competitive divisions, why is it a problem for someone like Nikko to show up for a B tier? As many people have mentioned here already, knowing top-level pros will be playing at an event (in advance) is often a great way to entice *more* players to come play, rather than fewer. Plus, if the problem is one player 'taking all of the money', maybe it's time to look into flattened payouts, so more players in a division can still feel like they can walk away with a decent payout.
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If you don't like it, step up your game.
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sounds like a bitter local pro who was used to raiding the pot hisself and got his feelings hurt after he got spanked and left with an empty wallet...
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Originally Posted by The Hammer View Post
I read this comment on the PDGA's Facebook page:

(BTW, it was appalling to see Nikko drop down to play a B-Tier in the Northwest, though gratifying to see him play so poorl; that's what you get for sandbagging behavior!)"
I wonder if that guy is referring to the Tri Cities Open in which Will Schusterick and Nikko Locastro were personally flown out to the tournament by the tournament director to make the tournament a must play? Or I wonder if he's referring to the Rose City Open in which Nikko was personally invited to play in as well. No matter, that guy is a pure whiner.

I have lost my weekly league money to players that are touring pro's and had a blast doing so. I've also cashed in a weekly league event where they were playing. It's just awesome to be able to play with people that have spent so much time dedicating themselves to get that good at this sport.

To quote Phil Arthur, If any of that offends you, take it up with your game.
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Originally Posted by Cgkdisc View Post
The best way to stop top players from entering leagues is to sanction them. They'll be afraid their player rating will be hurt with potentially lower round ratings in league play.

This one way to combat it but by far is NOT the best way!

Flattening the payout is a much easier way (where 3rd place makes only slightly less than 2nd which makes slightly less than 1st) is the easiest fix. Making it less expensive to enter is also easy. Paying out in discs works too at making it a harder cash grab for ringers.

Making it a handicap league takes some effort, but really does a lot to fix the perceived unfairness the OP is noticing.
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