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Originally Posted by steve a View Post
Overstable discs take longer to turn and can have more distance potential if you can get them up to operating speed. Lighter discs are easier to get up to operating speed than heavy discs. Experiment with lighter weight overstable discs till you find one that bombs for you.
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I have an older champ 161g Starfire that's the farthest thumber disc I've thrown. Also the the lightest one I've tried. Not 150g, but it's the lightest champ Starfire available.
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Originally Posted by bsu12345 View Post
wow dpgauthier maybe I would if it wasn't dark at 530, and I was asking for someone with experience throwing thumbers
I really wasn't trying to be a smart a$$, but you usually only see people asking for comparisons on different discs or weights that they don't already own before they spend the money. My apologies if that came off wrong.
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Will a 150g disc go further?
No way to tell, really.
A lot depends on your arm speed and the relative OS of the disc.
If the disc is too overstable, then it will just bail out left and never turn over until it hits the ground
If the disc is not overstable enough, then it will just flip over too early and look for ground.
The only way to find out how a disc will fly with a thumber is to give it a few throws.

Personally, I have a 150g Flick and found it worthless for thumbers. The disc is so light and so OS that I couldn't control it. Flew so differently from my normal thumber discs that I couldn't predict what it was going to do. No distance for me at all, either.
Hope that helps.
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All depends on the color
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I like throwing thumbers with either a Diamond or 150 Z Flick.

I like turtles, as well.
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i use a 150 wgt flick and it works fine if i need to throw high, but it doesnt do too much when i need distance. for distance i use a 168-171 firebird.
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I prefer 172g+ 11x Champ FB's or elite-z Flicks (-2.5) for max D thumbers with -2.5 flicks getting a little further with a roll when it hits the ground. Don't have room in my pick-up bag for a 150g OS driver but FB & Flicks under 170g don't seem to fight the wind as well for me and land shorter.
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175g TeeRex cant go wrong ever.
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alright I went out to the park and tried a 150 firebird and 150 eagle L and they are fun but when thrown low to skip they dont go as far but they do skip up higher in the air. I dont really like the through high thumbers bc it is harder for me to follow through and hurts my shoulder, my further thumber disc right now is a first run CE eagle
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