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150 Flick is all I thumber. 172g Nuke OS is the only disc I throw farther. Flick gets knocked down in the wind more. Not a whole lot more though. Glides more in a tailwind. Not a whole lot more though.
The Flick has a shallow rim that's easier on my thumb. My shoulder doesn't hurt as much as it does with a 170g+ Flick.

The equation for a good distance thumber disc is pretty simple. Flat top, overstable, fast.
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Originally Posted by bsu12345 View Post
alright I went out to the park and tried a 150 firebird and 150 eagle L and they are fun but when thrown low to skip they dont go as far but they do skip up higher in the air. I dont really like the through high thumbers bc it is harder for me to follow through and hurts my shoulder, my further thumber disc right now is a first run CE eagle
even with thumbers a follow through will help with the pain you are experiencing.
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Originally Posted by craftsman View Post
All depends on the color
This guy
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Originally Posted by DiscJunkie View Post
Will a 150g disc go further?
No way to tell, really.
A lot depends on your arm speed and the relative OS of the disc.
If the disc is too overstable, then it will just bail out left and never turn over until it hits the ground
If the disc is not overstable enough, then it will just flip over too early and look for ground.
The only way to find out how a disc will fly with a thumber is to give it a few throws.

Personally, I have a 150g Flick and found it worthless for thumbers. The disc is so light and so OS that I couldn't control it. Flew so differently from my normal thumber discs that I couldn't predict what it was going to do. No distance for me at all, either.
Hope that helps.
i am the opposite i can make them land on a dime the 150z flicks. thumb or tommy. my weapon of choice.

its all about release angle and head or tail wind with modifying the snap in your wrist point if any
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The thumber is a go to in my technique bag. In general the heavy the disc the more over stable. So does a 175 Firebird fly farther than a 170? I don't know if there is a definite answer. I think the aerodynamic properties of the disc have a much greater effect than 5 grams. Take the lat XXX for instance. I've had a couple first run flat top XXX that ranged from 175-169. They have given me noticeable distance over the typical XXX which has a slight dome on it. the thumber/tomahawk is a strange animal that is often counterintuitive.
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Originally Posted by Erthbndr View Post
even with thumbers a follow through will help with the pain you are experiencing.
Follow through is everything. If you want to throw more than a couple overhand shot in a round and not experience pain you have to be smooth with your stroke
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Get an Opto xXx, and be done with it. Best thumber disc on the market that's also useable for other shots (unlike the epic).
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check out the shot at 3:33, pretty sweet
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I've thrown thumbers a lot for distance and narrow OB windows this year. Favorite disc for this is the flat top 12x firebirds for the durability and the aerodynamic properties. Incredibly slow turn and resistance to the wind. Now, to address your question, my 168 Xout flys about 30-50 ft further than the 175 one I have. This is also amplified by a tailwind thumber as well. As for headwind, I'll throw the 175 to battle more. I rarely throw with any left to right (or vice versa) as the flight of this shot will be very erratic and difficult to control. Usual distance range is around 325-350 max without wind help.
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I throw a 150 Firebird and I have several of them, they throw differently based on their beat-in-ness. Distance far exceeds the heavier ones, I mean really? They smalled down softballs and basketballs in weight for us girls, of course you can throw it further.

Does it mean you suck if you can't control it, of course not.

That just means you need to try out some different weights. It's all abt arm speed and technique. I think the Thumber is such an important part of the game when it comes to scrambling that it's worth it to try out different Firebirds.
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