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Default How do the Prodigy discs stack up?

I never got around to picking any up, and I havent been paying attention to disc. Whats the overall reception to people whove used their discs over time now?
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Like all manufacturers, Prodigy has its fans. I've never thrown one, but I've fondled a few. The plastic does feel pretty nice.
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I shudder everytime I see someone use the word "fondle" on here. I'm tasking BigSky to invent a new term, LOL.

Prodigy made a big bang when they came out, but I just don't see it much anymore. I used to really like their Mids, but soon realized they were nothing special. Or rather, nothing different than what I already threw. The last hold-out was the M1, and I replaced it with my old trusty Demons about a month ago.

Prodigy has amazing plastic blends, but I'm fairly certain their putters are the real heat. I would reckon at this point the Prodigy putters outsell their other stuff 2:1. Pure guessing based on what I see on the course, though.
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It's nice plastic, but nothing you can't get elsewhere. I'm not a fan, but I like a couple other brands that get people fired up around here and know how annoying those threads get (MVP and Westside) so I'm trying to stay out of the troll/fanboi battles this year.
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Been a big fan ever since they started. Still seems fairly popular in parts of florida and definitely was in michigan where i used to live.

I really like the pa4, m4, d3, d2, d1... might even try the pa1 sometime. The plastic is great and holds up pretty well. Bring on 750
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Originally Posted by Puckstopper View Post
It's nice plastic, but nothing you can't get elsewhere. I'm not a fan, but I like a couple other brands that get people fired up around here and know how annoying those threads get (MVP and Westside) so I'm trying to stay out of the troll/fanboi battles this year.
2nd this.

I guess it comes with throwing for a long period of time....... you throw what you know.
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they added a good 75 ft to my throw easy
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I like their putters, pa1 and pa4 specifically. Their base plastic is good but warps easier than, say, a soft Wizard.
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I credit their unpopularity to them being so extremely fresh on the market, having too many drastic inconsistency issues (seems standard with all new disc companies), and the distaste that very many people (especially players who frequent online forums) feel from their dramatic entrance to the market. If you've always thrown old school, tried and true innova destroyer/FB/TB/roc/aviar why ever switch any discs? The same applies to anyone who has established themselves as discraft/DGA, trilogy, MVP, or other brand loyalists already. Why risk spending hundreds on new discs, even if the mold consistency was good, when your game is sure to suffer for possibly a whole season?

Luckily I've only been playing a few years and started with a whole lot of discs I don't like enough to bag so I'm a non-brand loyal free agent in the golden age of disc quality and selection. I've never owned more than the 44 discs I have now haha so my investment thus far is relatively small.

I love prodigy's 400/400g plastic! Anyone who says it's only "ok" is underplaying its immense quality in my opinion. People highly praise similar quality opto plastic and search vigilantly only to pay enormous mark ups for Champ blend innova discs with such incredible grip, beauty, and perfectly gummy qualities that 400/400g offers in almost every single disc. The 300s base plastic is equally incredibly high quality. Stiff as the traveling pros prefer but not too hard, softer in the flight plate, wonderfully tacky and chalky. Similar to the prized/touted highest quality SS blend plastics that gateway can produce some of the time.

The molds themselves are obviously extremely well designed and can fill the slots of speed and stability of most peoples entire bags minus a firebird replacement if someone bold wanted to take the pricey leap and invest in abandoning their current bag and being prodigy loyal. In the next 5ish years once consistency is achieved and players gradually start to give more discs their shot I think people will realize what gems these discs can be.

But again clearly the most important obstacle is for those players with established bags who take their scores/disc selection very seriously why try to fix what isn't broken? Why spend hundreds trying to improve a bag that already functions nearly perfectly?
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