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Probably champ gator, comet, challenger.
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Awwwwww, Elon made HOD!!

I throw Z-Xtra hyzer off the tee. Like 1978 said, the problem is usually pushing too far forward through the dogleg. If I keep it in the fairway, it's a long SuperSoft to the green. If it feels a little too long, it'll be an open-handed Roc instead.
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Didn't get a chance to play Angry Beaver when I visited the area, but Mr. Tyburski's approach seems solid: 175-200' to the landing area, followed by a controlled upshot for a good putt opportunity:
1) Z-Pred off the tee, (maybe keep it low, playing for a nice skip down the fairway off the fade)
2) X-Comet (powered down) or FLX Challenger for the upshot (depending on distance and line my lie gives me)
3) Assuming first two shots went well: APX in the chains...

Otherwise, Pro Boss thrown overhand to get outta trouble x1 (or 2 ), with an APX chaser.

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Hey, I played this hole yesterday! I threw a Roc off the tee, and it went a little too long, so I had a crappy spot to throw a 2nd from. I ended up with a 4. This is one of my favorite holes at Elon, and the more I think about it, it may be my favorite hole on the course.
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Cryztal Flx Zone RHBH from the tee. Cryztal Flx Zone RHFH for the approach. Then might as well stick with the Cryztal Flx Zone for the drop in.
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Monster on a skip to start. Comet up and challenger in that easy!
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zone around, then FH buzzz or hornet, followed by 1 or 2 putts
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Z zone to start. If im in the fairway, then buzz ss to approach. Rhyno finishing it out.
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If all goes well...

RHBH Champ Gator from the tee

RHFH Champ Gator for the approach

Rhyno putt.
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Wizard to the landing zone
Wizard or Pure to the basket
Wizard into the chains
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