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Where are you headed in your disc golf journey?

Disc golf in 2015 is looking great for me and I'm pumped. Where are you at?

In 2011 I threw a disc and was hooked...but I was -unbelievably- bad. I was 100% unathletic and one of the worst players in a big college club. I moved to Kentucky in 2013 and still sucked, but luckily I became friends with a masters pro. One obsessive summer and a lot of guidance later and I had become -much- more athletic and I was finally proud of my modest results.

This past season I developed some tolerance to my disc golf high. I ended up playing very little. I stopped playing in anything but great conditions and only with friends. I stopped caring about discs, and I stopped practicing. Luckily, I still improved -substantially-. I signed up for the PDGA and played my first two tournaments and loved them. I learned how to throw almost 100 feet farther, my putting improved dramatically, and I bested my personal course records by many strokes; by 6 at my home course.

I really haven't played since it started getting "colder" out (lol@KY winters!). I'm still in school and have a job, but I've realized two things. One, that how well I play is mostly dependent on how much time I spent practicing and the quality of my practice. And two, that I love disc golf, I love competing in PDGA tournaments, and I would love to compete at the open level someday.

So for 2015 my plan is to get a basket, cut way down on casual and club rounds, practice regularly, and compete in tournaments. For at least this season I'm going to attempt practicing my driving and doing drills very regularly at my home course, and practicing my putting extremely regularly instead of spending my time in casual rounds and club play. Instead I'm going to devote myself to my best preparation so I can set myself up to "win" a PDGA tournament (starting with intermediate division haha). I'm busy, but I should still have time to get out there at least a couple times a week if I plan effectively. Plus I love all of the exercise. If I estimate correctly I should be able to at least improve my putting dramatically by simply putting 5+ days of the week.

Have you been in my shoes before? What happened?
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It's sounds like we are making our disc golf New Years resolutions.

I wasn't really exposed to disc golf until 2013 and I played my first round with my left arm in a sling. Despite that, the guys I played with said that I had some natural talent. It made sense because I've always played sports and done well in them growing up, but hitting 30 meant most of those days were over a decade ago. I played a bit more and started developing goals for myself (play bogey or better golf, birdie a hole, shoot par for the course, shoot under par) and slowly I met those goals and went past them.

Last year I commited myself to playing events (9 in total) and even jumped up a division in the middle of the summer. I played well, I placed well, but towards the end of the year my practice fell off a little bit. While top 5 finishes are nice, I just couldn't bring home a trophy. That's where we get into 2015.

I've made myself a list of all the event I want to play (9 so far) with the goal or getting myself as close to a 950 rating as I can before 2016. I'm looking to pick up a basket so I can putt every day, and want to play at least one round a day. I'm looking to get enough points to qualify for AM Worlds and hopefully take home some hardware along the way. This year should be a big step forward, I hope.
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As soon as I can get the damn bogey or two (occassional double bog) out of my round, I'm going pro - Grand Masters. Birdie count is not a problem.

Or should I say if ever?
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Get back into playing competitively instead of just playing every once in a while. Going to play weekly doubles next year, and hopefully 4-5 tourneys.
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From the bottom to the top!

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To the Lonely Mountain to slay the dragon and reclaim my dwarven gold.
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I've been playing A little over 5 years non competitive with a group of friends. We are all pretty decent and 2014 was the year we all started competing in local minis. We've all placed or won the am division of these minis a few times. We've been discussing it and have decided to play quite a few full blown tourneys this year and actually joining the pdga for the first time. Going to start at intermediate and a few of us are masters age wise as well. Should be fun.
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OK, I'll play...

I want to continue having fun, because "He who has the most fun, wins". But along the way in 2015, it would be nice to shave four to five strokes off per tourney round by adding 30-50' on my meager drives, and focus on better 'get out of trouble' shots (playing smart(er)). And putt even more consistently.

Hopefully this will result in an Olympic medal in July (you heard me right: National Senior Games demonstration sport for the 2nd time), and a finish in the top half of my first (and last) Am Worlds (I play grandmaster), before figuring out how to cash in some Open Grandmaster events from August onward.

...well, one can dream, right?
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400 ft , par golf and a bad right knee
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Hawaii to design one, maybe two courses.
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