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Default Actual reasons or legit complaints about Salient

So there has been so much negativity towards Salient it's hard to understand.

Why the hatred, what have they done wrong, and why does it seem like everyone has an issue with them?

My only issue was being blocked after asking a question on their Facebook page.

So what's the real story? Or is most of it just people jumping on the hate train?
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I know a few of us here have bought bags, or items from them only to be horribly disappointed not only by product, but by any service offered afterwards. I bought a Salient Ember bag, after a week the strap was torn. They said they'd warranty it, I sent it back and was sent a used, horribly colored, nothing like I paid for Ember bag. It had popped stitching, smelled like smoke and was dirty. They refused to respond to my emails, so I took to Facebook only to be banned swiftly with no action on their end. If it weren't for PayPal buyer protection, it would have been a waste. I mailed the bag back, got my money back, and parted ways.

That's my story and my reasons. I don't hold a grudge, I just don't support crooks and scam artists.
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Originally Posted by joshhyzer View Post
Just got done browsing that page. Yikes. Never knew much of anything about Salient. Not sure how they recover from this reputation.
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Originally Posted by Solar Sailer View Post
Not sure how they recover from this reputation.
Short-term memory (or lack thereof) - check back in a month and you'll still see thousands of Salient followers
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Originally Posted by Solar Sailer View Post
Not sure how they recover from this reputation.
Well, some believe the only bad publicity is no publicity.

Judging by the fact that the top three threads on this board are about Salient's machinations, it's safe to say they are living rent free between DGCR's ears at the moment.
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I may be one of the original detractors from salient, which used to be physical flight. I had a contender, which showed up quite some time after the pre orders were suppose to ship, that got nice big holes in the bottom of it and the straps started to separate from the bag. When I attempted to use my "lifetime" warranty I was told it looked like the holes, which were obviously from the feet on the bag, were caused by cigarette burns. I am not a smoker so I said it was impossible but they stuck to their guns and told me I could send the bag back to them on my dime, pay for it to be fixed, and then pay for them to ship it back to me. I also like to take credit for giving them the name failent after their umpteenth preorder fiasco.
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I was away from the sport when most of the talk about salient turned sour, I think. I don't remember there being an event that triggered it all and snowballed from there. But, I don't do facebook either. I have enough trust in this community that I probably won't do business with them - but then again I've never bought a single thing from several other companies that don't seem to offer anything better than what I've already got (in terms of discs, bag, baskets, etc) which apparently have vastly better customer service.

Only thing I really have against them is that apparently their baskets catch like crap - evidenced by what seemed like a large number of spits in the 6 holes shown yesterday at the ADGT. Our old mach 1 baskets we used to have locally were about as good at catching putts.

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I've never dealt with them or purchased any of their products. However, after all the reports on here and my own observations with out the ADGO event (poor spelling, worse grammar), I believe the "hate" towards them is justified.
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