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Sponsor Pitch

just digging around the web learning about sponsorship programs/info

this site seems to be the only one out there with any activity

pdga has the elite tour series listed but no activity
2 other flying disc sports as well ultimate related


wondering if the DG community can do anything to get the views up to gain more interest

I see many other sport events getting some action

seems DG should be able to get some of those corporate billions from somewhere

I guess the question is what would fit DG, what brand would want to attach to DG

think outside the box

would love to hear thoughts
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grow the sport for sure!!!!
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It is estimated that as much as 68% of all sponsorship dollars are spent in the field of sports. Our society in general will continue its love affair with sporting events, but every facet of commerce is likely to see growth in sponsorship involvement this year and beyond.

Sponsorship trends may be well on the rebound, but as an active sponsor seeker you should be keeping your finger on the pulse of trends in general. If you can tie your product or service to something that is becoming of increasing interest within society, then you’ll likely be of great interest to companies across the board.
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