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Originally Posted by PMcBeth View Post
no its tye dye feels almost like a CE blend
:O I want to touch it....
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Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
Wow! Its amazing how what "looks so smooth and effortless" normally, appears to be much "more of an effort" when you see it in slow mo. What really struck me (and comes across well in slow mo) is the velocity the disc has coming outta your hand. You're just getting into your follow through (i.e. not much time has elapsed), and the disc is 200 ft down the fairway. :mindblownsmiley:

Splendid video and a great way to watch the mechanics of the throw.

Thanks for sharing McBeast and your Royalhghnss.
No Prob! I had some McBeast footage laying around, so it wasn't too hard to put together.
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Default Shoes

What are some good dg shoes?
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^It would be sooooooo funny if Paul Prerubed him! Gotta be a troll.

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Hey Paul,

It's pretty awesome of you to correspond with all of us in this thread. Really is a lot of fun chatting with a pro who is willing to offer his insights into a lot of different facets of his game and the sport in general.

I've read quite a lot of the pages, but may have missed this if it was asked previously, so forgive me.

Just wondering what you thought of the Minnesota Majestic and the courses that you got to play up here? Blue Ribbon Pines, Kaposia, Valley, and Hyland SSA? And will you be back next year?

I got a chance to watch you on the final day at Hyland and it was a lot of fun. Even with that knee injury you were pretty much right on the money, made some of those long uphill bombs seem like a bunny hill.
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i looked through a bunch of this chat and i had a question about putters you use! (kinda a 3 part question)

1. What kinds and how many putters do you use in your bag?
2. Do you use a different putter for driving and putting or the same disc?
3. Do you use a different putter when aproaching and putting or the same disc?

thanks! just a curious disc golfer
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So will we ever see McPro Rocs?
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That's a KC roc. A McPro Aviar is a putt and approach in KC plastic.
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Originally Posted by costoid View Post
That's a KC roc. A McPro Aviar is a putt and approach in KC plastic.
Are you sure about that? I always thought KC plastic was slick. The McPro plastic is really grippy despite being really firm.

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Well, he said the reason he threw colored KC Aviar's, is cuz they're grippier/less slick. And the McPro's are all colored (first releases). And, he said his dream putter was an Aviar PnA in KC plastic. But, I didn't make the mold, so who knows. I'm going off earlier postings by him.
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