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Are you playing in the Brent Hambrick Memorial Open in Columbus, OH this year? If so I'll be having you sign my black McPros.
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Originally Posted by Organicvoodoo View Post
Paul is out practicing... He knows I'm coming for him
What's you're name? We'll watch for you on the results page....at the bottom.

And not that you really had any, but if you refuse, you lose ALL credibility.
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Hahahahahaha jsc awesome
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Hey Paul, how did your dr. appt. go today, 3/13?
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Originally Posted by PMcBeth View Post
i'm sure with this new plastic it won't be to far away... actually the best 11x times i've thrown are CA mold I have a couple in my bag right now.
You called that one:

Brinster Tour fundraiser discs in roc3 plastic at the Proshop.

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Paul, I don't really have any questions just wanted to say good luck in Texas state.
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Just pmed you
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You may not know the answer to this one (or have already answered it), but since numbers are so often exaggerated online, do you have any idea of the percentage of disc golfers out there that can throw 300', 400', 500', and 600'. I was just curious. Thanks.
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Drive for show, putt for $$$^

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Really enjoyed watching you play today. Great shooting -13 today, congrats!
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