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This hole looks ideal for a BH roller with a GL Vision.
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Saint - Ghost - Pig
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Destroyer off the tee followed by teebird or buzzz and then wizard til it in the bucket
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It's my photo, so I suppose I should tell my story. I don't get to play this course much.
I usually try to throw it through the first gap with my Surge, but usually shank it to the right. Then I throw my roadrunner on a long anhyzer through the gap to get back. My midrange shot, usually with a comet, is then shanked again to the right and into that terrible ivy. After much grumbling, I finally find my disc and again use the comet to land softly on the slope by the basket. Ringer for the putt.
Ideally I would play it Surge-TL-Comet-Ringer.
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Nice shot!
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Teebird/Eagle -> Teebird/Eagle -> Roc -> Rhyno
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I like that some of us are a little more realistic and honest in our disc selection for this hole. For me the short pin would be a very feasible 4, miracle 3. The long pin would be a difficult 4, probably 5.

I'd throw an Amp 2 or 3 times, then Ion for the approach or putt, depending how far I am.
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Blizzard Dominator, Buzzz, Ion
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im going to blast a wraith up the middle, cro approach and finish
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Destroyer, Roc, Aviar
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