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I got two in the same day, first time ever. They were in the same round and they were back to back. Hole 4 and 5, 125' and 190' on a beginner course in Stallings, Crooked Creek Crossing. Then I ate at Moes.
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That's why you are my HERO
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Originally Posted by Goon13 View Post
Got my first two aces of 2013 last Thursday. Was visiting LA for work and was playing some new courses. Hit holes #2 and #6 at Liberty Park in Cerritos with my Ti Buzzz. Both holes are short (around 155 feet) and open, but two in a round on a new course......felt pretty good. Plus I finished eleven under on a pitch and putt - personal best.
So was that 11 under on a 9 hole or 18 hole course? If it was 18 that was super nice. If it was for 9, that's just downright ridiculous! 2 Aces and 7 birdies... it's possible!
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Originally Posted by Jimb View Post
So was that 11 under on a 9 hole or 18 hole course? If it was 18 that was super nice. If it was for 9, that's just downright ridiculous! 2 Aces and 7 birdies... it's possible!
It was a 9 hole pitch and putt. Mostly open with only three holes over 200 ft, and two of those had the basket up near a fence. Just like a mini-golf course......

I was on fire the first time through - not so much on the second pass.......
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Originally Posted by RKelly View Post
The best is screaming it when people walk in, when the workers do, as you are eating. They look around like you stole their thunder.
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I got career ace #8 on 2/16/13 at Anthony Lake Disc Golf Course.
Hole #5, took a tape measure over there today and it was 266ft. The signs don't list the current pin position. Threw a 171g ESP Avenger, the wind was out of the south at 20+ mph and it went dead straight with just a tick of fade and stuck. Was a nice looking shot.
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I just aced hole 14 at Shady Oaks in Orangevale, CA. 284ft (short position). My 5th overall, 1st of 2013, and my longest yet.
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I got my 2nd ace and first of the year on Wednesday. Hole 2 Arapahoe Community College.

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Default Valmont, the Junkyard, #6

Before today, I've only hit one ace. Emptyin' #4, and I kinda hit it without thinking. A cat on a lunch round with friends (his first time playing) had hit it a few minutes earlier, and my strike was anticlimactic. Besides, nobody was there to see it.

Today, i skipped in to #6, my standard LHBH toss around the trees, skipping off the flats, and KACHING!!!!!

I didn't see it, but it looked good going as it turned the corner. THe guy I was showing the course called it, and watched it crash into the basket. It was pretty sweet. He had a sharpie handy, and signed my pro plastic Wraith (168 g).

I'm still grinning to think about it. I blew off some important work, but hitting my first official ace,first toss on the hole, with a SOLID witness made it all worthwhile.

Chuck or chuck not, there is no try!

Wraith, Beast, Wizard, Banger, and a whole bunch of plastic that I have not yet begun to fathom....
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