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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
After a handful of metal hits I finally got my proto mako to stay in. Got 8 at UNC.
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
After a handful of metal hits I finally got my proto mako to stay in. Got 8 at UNC.
It is a nice feeling to finally have an Ace. Unfortunately it took me many years, many metal hits, many chains, and even several in the basket and popped out. I guess at some point its either luck or the odds go in your favor.
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Hit one last Friday at Spearfish Canyon in Spearfish, SD. It was #5, I think right around 200 feet with about 25-30 feet elevation gain. I threw my Volt between the two Lodgepole pines 30 feet in front of the tee then right between two boughs of pine branches that were hanging over the front left side of the basket. I had my wife for a witness, she also saw my first ace 3 years ago. That was my 8th ace and 1st of 2013.
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Originally Posted by danhyzer View Post
I was blessed with an ACE when playing Carly's Playground this past Sunday (Mother's Day), on # 3, pink tee to pink basket, 165' using a pink kite. My friend, Fleetwood was playing with me and gave up his 5 dollar bill to me with a big AH yEAH. The weather was so nasty that white caps could be seen for as long as the eye traveled out on Traverse Bay that morning, blustery weahter conditions didn't improve as we got to the mountain and the winds we're gusting up to 40 mph at times up there at Mt. Holiday. But Oh what a great day it was.

Later that day after playing Carly's Playground we went over to play the "Backyard" course of Todd Lewis (Carly's Dad). I introduced myself as Todd was prepping the Backyard course for the new "PINK" Innova baskets. And after talking with Todd and helping him place 10 or so cement full buckets that also had the pole that the new "PINK" basket was to be placed over, Todd and I coaxed my friend Fleetwood out of the car (as he was worn completely out from the hiking & playing @ Mt. Holiday and was studying the way we we're going to transverse our way to Ann Arbor from Traverse City) and helped install the very 1st new "PINK" basket @ the backyard course.

So this day was just so special to me (As this was my first Mother's Day without my Mom as she had passed and went to heaven in April of this year). And I knew everything was GREAT when the "SUN" finally came out right when Todd, Fleetwood and I we're installing the very 1st "PINK" basket at the backyard course. Yoda, Carly's dog was nearby and was feeling all the "love wins" feeling that surrounded us all at that moment and to me all the while we we're in Traverse City. We all felt the "LOVE WINS" LOVE from Carly and my Mom and everyone else that the heavens shined on us at that moment.

I Thank you Traverse City, I'll never forget you and I will never forget playing Carly's Playground and installing the 1st basket @ the backyard course nor will I forget the love that Kathy gave us the night before @ the Mackinaw Brewery. Singing, rejoicing, and remembering our Mother's at closing time with shots of Vanilla Stollie (Vodka) & Stout beer. Long live the "LOVE WINS" spirit that Traverse City brought unto us this Mother's Day. and I LOVE you Traverse City------------------- -+

nor will I forget the great service Pauly gave us @ North Peak micro brewery. and I loved the surf and turf (walleye/ filet Mignon) with a Irish Stout :P
Very nice
Carly's Playground is a special gift to be sure!
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The 1.5 year drought ended with a 315ft ace today! Bendy Valk hittin' chains on it's fade.
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i had a spit out on maple hill white hole 1, the pond on friday, very pissed it didn't stick.

nothing like a 1 foot deuce.

side note great way to start the first time playing there
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After 5 year 2 months and 3 days I got my first ACE!!!!! Hole 10 Micke Grove Lodi Ca.
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Le sigh, I chained out three times this weekend, one at 303 with a gold line saint... I will get three in a weekend soon, isn't that the way odds work?
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Originally Posted by dmbrun2 View Post
Le sigh, I chained out three times this weekend, one at 303 with a gold line saint... I will get three in a weekend soon, isn't that the way odds work?
...well... the odds don't always come back around to the same person. I feel a little guilty now, having hit two 'putt putt' aces (100' and 50, yes, I said 50') on May 9th, then hitting a legit one (320 footer) on May 14th. Sorry for stealing the luck...

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ace at flagstaff thorpe park, hole 13 314ft
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