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I lost a disc on Sunday during the day at the local university course. I was just playing some safari holes so that I could practice certain throws and the like. Anyways, I threw my PA1 into a bush and couldn't find it (green disc, green bush, quickly dimming light). I tried to go out yesterday, and nope. The sky opened up and it poured. I went out today, and spotted it as I walked towards the bush...in another bush.

I was on my lunch break from work so I decided that I would throw the rest of the course really quickly. I threw the very disc I had just found on a beautiful hyzer to nail the chains for an ace on hole 2. This isn't a very long hole (maybe 280-310 at the very most), but this was also the very first hole I had ever aced (two years ago) with a Gateway Sabre. Two years of playing and I am acing holes with putters where I used to throw drivers. That is why it was significant to me.
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Aced hole 24 (the last hole) at Willow today (June 12th). Great way to end a day of disc golf! 3rd ace overall.
Used a Z Buzzz, probably the disc that's been in my bag the longest.

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Hole 8 Flip City. Hit this in warm ups. DX Roc, took it to the right and it just floated in. First Ace I got to see it hit the chains.
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I've hit two this year.

One on a Downhill drive across the creek with my Opto Pure for 245ft.

Another one I hit with a Elite X Buzzz that was a 318ft shot.
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Originally Posted by sgamerp View Post

Hole 8 Flip City. Hit this in warm ups. DX Roc, took it to the right and it just floated in. First Ace I got to see it hit the chains.
Warm ups huh, that sucks.

One day you'll get money for it.
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I hit hole 3 on Bald Eagle, first ace on the course (with baskets, I hit a few pvc poles when that's all I had up), 2 witnesses thought it was the coolest thing they'd ever seen.

I was -4 after 3 holes, I finished -4.
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Hit hole 10 (239') @ Roosevelt Park DGC during a Dynamic Discs event for my second ace yesterday! No ace pot for the event though
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I got my first ace Wednesday on hole 8 at Tut Hill. The sun was really shining, so I couldn't see it as it started to fade, but I saw it hit the chains.

Kinda funny because I'd been throwing Rocs for a year and a half and just picked up the Buzzz (again) less than a week ago.

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Originally Posted by Bardu View Post
Kinda funny because I'd been throwing Rocs for a year and a half and just picked up the Buzzz (again) less than a week ago.
Oh, no. You may have just crashed this entire thread with that comment!

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Hit my second of the year last night on a glow round.

First drive of the night.
Hole #1 blue @ riverhead field.

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