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Big Hyzer Bag- Ergo

Looks like a 2nd version of the BH bag that Schusterick was sporting at Worlds, seems like this one is much sturdier with a more solid base to keep it more upright. The thought behind it is to keep the weight of the discs and the bag on the shoulders instead of the lower back, on Facebook they mentioned it was designed specifically for Kevin Rarick with some lower back problems.

I give them props for trying something other than just copying the Grip, and if it is specifically designed to help with back problems I could see it being a hit if it's as comfortable as it is interestingly designed.


My thoughts.. It sorta half-looks like some of the DIY backpacks on this sight. I personally did a DIY backpack with the Mountain Trails camping/hiking pack where I put a PVC cage in the bottom like a lot of people do, but put 2 Innova Accordian Dividers up top with velcro so I could have 10-15 on the bottom and up to 12 up top. This is pretty similar, except slimmer and done more professionally with the discs more ontop of eachother rather than side by side.

I actually liked the look of the other BH bag, but agreed with many others that it looked far too flimsy to be able to last for too long and stand on it's own. This one seems to have fixed all of my previous doubts.

Judging by the picture, looks like it can fit close 30 counting the 3-4 deep putter pocket and maximum cramming. Might be a little less with having them all along the spine instead of stacked at the bottom, but it still looks like it has plenty of room.
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Wait, the rainfly has a built in hoodie? Brilliant. That's a cool looking bag IMO.
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I'm very curious how that extra padding up top would feel.

Looks kinda narrow. Also wondering how tall this is.

Waist straps seems unnecessary.

Wish there was a photo of the bag half open. I'm guessing the inner layer is orange? Has an inner pocket?

I like the rainfly/hoodie idea.

Overall, I'm very interested!
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Wait, the rainfly has a built in hoodie? Brilliant. That's a cool looking bag IMO.
The hood on the rain fly is the coolest part!
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Originally Posted by austin234 View Post
The hood on the rain fly is the coolest part!
awesome avatar man n nice looking bag but im sure its a ridiculous price
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Wondering if the "tongue" of the bag just hangs down when the bag is open or if there is a way to tuck it in or something
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$199.99 plus shipping and handling ??
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I feel better about buying the Grip bag each time I see another one of these or the DIY backpacks for sixty bucks threads.
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Originally Posted by native_nic View Post
$199.99 plus shipping and handling ??
Am I missing a price tag? I didn't see one posted anywhere. $200 will be a bit steep for this...I think. If they could get it down to like $149.99 I bet they would produce a lot more interest. But if Will S. rocks it all season it could pick up steam.

It's an OK looking bag. A big problem I see is the flap issue Swisher is talking about. It may fold in, but it also apparently houses your mini and a towel clip, so those become unusable if you fold it in.

I'm also curious to see more about the bottom of the compartment. The one pic shows a bunch of discs side to side. Optional configuration? It seems if you go that route, you only have acces to the top 4 pockets for vertical discs.

Additional storage is looking a little on the weak side, as well.
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People are really reaching trying create a new back pack. The designs seem to only be getting less functional.
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