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Holy Moley painful to read some of these! Hypothetical questions really frustrate people. I could answer this question down to 1 mold, 1 disc...Dx Roc all day.
Star Destroyer's
Star Teebird's
Star Leopard's
Star Wraith's
Dx Roc's
KC Aviar's
Star Roadrunner's
You would think this rule is being enforced by how serious people are getting. Happy New Year everyone!
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Wraith (Champion, Star, Pro)
PD (C, S, P)
Teebird (2x Champion, 2x Star, DX)
Wasp (Z for overstable duties)
Shark (Champion, Pro and DX covering Stable to fliptastic)
BB Aviar (KC Pro, Yeti, BB)
Warlock (2x SS)
puts me at 20 total...would just have backups of whatever for the final 5
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Pretty much what my bag is now(what I use the most out of my bag)

4 Force (2 ESP, Z, Ti)
2 Halo (Opto)
2 Volt
2 Predator (Z)
3 Comet (X, 2 Z, {and a Ti if DC would make them already})
2 Hornet (Z)
3 Wizard (2 G9i, 1 SS)
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ummm. ya, I'll carry 7 discs
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I really don't know what I'd do. 9 molds currently, I could ditch the Valk, but it's nice for those straight shots where the *D has too much fade or not enough room for a big S. If this ever becomes a reality, I might have to choose Roc V Buzzz

Classic Aviar (2 putters)
KC Aviar
DX Aviar (2, new/beat)
Glo BB Aviar (OS as all getout - good wizard replacement)
DX/KC Rocs (2-3)
Z/Ti Buzz (2)
*Destroyer (3)
*Valk + (1)
Ch Firebird (flat 12x, and domey 12x) (2-3)
*Teebird (2)
*TL (1-2)
PreBarry Leo/*Leo (2-3)

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1 167g Star Boss
1 VERY overstable 172g Xcal
1 167g DX roc
1 175g Neutron Volt
2 175g JK Pro Aviars
19 177g Pro Pigs (because I'll throw them hard and they will taco horribly)
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Hydra - 2 (main putter, approach putter)
Roc - 4 (2 KC Pros, and 2 Dx, all in various stages of wear)
Eagle - 4 (1 11x X, 2 12x X, and 1 12x L)
PD - 1 (C-PD)
Roadrunner - 1
Wraith - 2 ( beat star, and new star)
Destroyer - 2 (beat Pro, newish Star)

My actual bag adds and KC Pro Aviar, and an Opto Pain.
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Latitude 64 Gold Line Halo (1-175g, 1-170g)
Innova Star Teebird L (1-172g)
Innova Pro Whippet (1-175g)
Westside Tournament Warship (1-172g)
Latitude 64 Gold Line Core (1-178g, 1-170g)
Innova R-Pro Rhyno (1-175g)
Gateway SSS Magic (3-175g)
Hero Disc Super Hero (My dog's disc) 8th mold I know but it's not something I throw at chains. :P

My actual bag's link is below in my signature.
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all in different weights and plastics to cover as many flight lines as possible.
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In terms of discs like the P2, Tsunami, Titanic, are they completely separate molds, since mostly they are just existing molds redone in different plastics for different companies.

Example: Pro Line Titanic= ESP Magnet
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