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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
In terms of discs like the P2, Tsunami, Titanic, are they completely separate molds, since mostly they are just existing molds redone in different plastics for different companies.

Example: Pro Line Titanic= ESP Magnet
I think that is the question which people here have pointed out as making this hypothetical rule as almost impossible to enforce.
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True true, If you wiped a Titanic or a Tsunami no way you could tell the difference except maybe the plastic.
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Posts: 112
Wraith (4) - two Pro, one Champion, one Star
Starfire (3) - two Pro, one Champion
Orc (2) - Champion
TeeBird (3) - Champion
Buzzz (3) - one Z, one ESP, one X
Wizard (1) - Medium
Warlock (2) - SuperSoft

18 Disc Total
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3 banger gt's(new soft, beat soft, and flx)
1 crystal buzzz
1 crystal zone
1 pinnacle cannon
1 z pred
1 stalker
1 flippy xl

7 molds, 9 discs. This is whats actually in my bag, minus one mid and 2 driver molds.
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25 discs is alot!

(1) Valkyrie - Champ/Champ Glo max weight - Straight low power no fade and turnovers
(3) Orion LF 1.1 - 1 MOLF 170ish - beat and flippy, no step drives
- 1 SOLF 172ish- Control Distance with slight turn and some fade
- 1 QOLF 172ish- Utility Driver, wind, sidearm
(3) Rampage - 1 Excel low 160s - Big tailwind/no wind distance, hyzerflip turnover shots
- 1 Excel low 170s - Flatter release less turn Big distance, sky turnovers, tight line long distance
- 1 Icon max weight - Windy Big Distance, Hyzer skips, sidearm
(2) Buzzz - 1 Old Elite X 178g+ - straight low power, turnovers (sky and low)
- 1 Z/Glo Z mid 170s - straight with greater distance, long slower turnovers
(2) Drone - 1 FLX max weight - power stable, low power overstable and wind, sidearm
- 1 ProD low 170s - Straight Stable minimal side to side, headwind turnovers
(2) Rhyno - 1 Champ max weight - putter drives
1 XG Champ high 160s - turnovers and upshots
(2) Clutch - 1 Gravity 174g Black - Putter
- 1 Protege 170s - Upshots, hyzerflip turnovers

Could easily sub the Buzzzes for Rocs or Ghosts but a Buzzz helps to cover the lack of a true fairway driver better.
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with a decent variety of speeds and stability, any seven can work.
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Originally Posted by Toro71 View Post
Isn't slow play already a callable offense? Seems like another rule to try to control an under-called rule might be overkill. Anyone?
you have 30 sec to throw your shot. this timer starts when you have had reasonable time to reach your disc and it has been established that it is your turn to throw. there are some courtesy exceptions here (i.e. car passing in front of view, someone yelling, etc.).

This rule should be enforced more on players who are constantly/consistently excessive in their time to take a shot. the stigma of being a dick cause you called someone on a rule needs to go away. its totally backwards cause the one breaking the rules is a dick in reality.
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Posts: 216
3 Westside Giants
4 Westside Swords 2 VIP 2 TP
4 dx Rancho Rocs
3 Gators, 2 dx 1 champ
4 Champ Eagles
2 SS Wizards
2 Rhynos 1 pro 1 champ
3 Swan 2s

25 discs 8 molds...... could do it in 7
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Ok, I'm game. In my bag right now I have 3 putter, 4 mid, 4 driver molds. Nevermind what my sig says, that's what's in there at this moment. I'd easily drop 2 putters and 2 mids to get:
Pure - Opto and EZE
Buzzz - Glo and Ti
Stingray - Star
River - Opto and 2xGL
Teebird - 2xChamp 2xStar
Sidewinder - 2xChamp 2xStar
Firebird - 2xChamp

25 discs is a lot, so fill the remaining space with practice putters!
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Posts: 1,121
5 - Big Bead Aviars (4 KC Pro & 1 CFR)
2 - Z Buzzz
2 - Z Hornet
1 - Z Stalker
2 - Wraith (Champion & Star)
2 - Champion Firebird
2 - Destroyer (Champion & Star)
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