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Originally Posted by Pwingles View Post
You should keep comments like this to yourself, they will come for you if you speak out against them

Granted, I understand that all companies have inconsistencies, but there seems to be some overlap of shared inconsistencies between these molds. Honestly, I'm nervous about purchasing something that I don't know what it is going to fly like.
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Originally Posted by siblack8@gmail.com View Post
I love MVP's discs. I putt with an Ion after trying many others. All their discs feel great in my hand. They come out clean. They seems like have a little extra glide with less power.

BUT, the classification of their drivers seems to be completely different from my experience with them. I have:

- A Volt that I bought a few weeks after it was released that has the One Nation Under Par logo on it. 172g

- An Amp that I pre-ordered with the designer Disc Nation stamp on it. 170g

- A brand new Shock that has just the base Neutron plastic and stamp. 169g

I had already given up on the Amp, but threw the Volt and Shock for a round at Delaveaga early this morning.

If I were to rate them in terms of stability from most stable to least, that would be:


The opposite of what they are advertised as.

The Amp I could not get to flip over at all. Straight to a strong fade was the best I could do. Even if I put anhyzer on it, it flattened out and faded quickly. I gave it to my friend, who ended up using it for short Spike hyzers.

The Volt is my favorite. It seems to turn a little bit mid flight when I give it a good snap. But dependably fades in the end. This is my go to fairway driver now. First disc I can get to go straight most of the way down a tunnel shot, (e.g. 11/24/26a at Dela.)

The Shock this morning was like an understable driver. I turned immediately. I used it to get left to right action predictably on many shots this morning. A couple times I flipped it completely and it just stayed to the right and almost became a roller.

What is the deal? I'm pretty happy with with the Shock and Volt. But they aren't anything like what they are advertised in my hands! I'm afraid to loose my Volt because I don't expect the next one to be the same as this one
It's because until they are mass produced and shipped out that can't see if they perfect set the overmold as the wanted/needed. A lot of the first Amps had high PLHs on them, more specifically the whites, but there were some others as well. But that's what lead to the differences in those. I feel like people are holding them at TOO high of a standard. Mids and Putters are not nearly as touchy as drivers.
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Regardless of what standard people are holding MVP to, it has been a consistent issue that the first run of the drivers is not coming out as dialed in. Once the Volt was in production for a bit, people stopped complaining about it being flippy. With the Amp, after a couple weeks people got the turn out of it they wanted. So, unless you need a first run to complete a collection, waiting a week or two on the drivers has been a safer bet.

Either way, it's a good problem to have, if you ask me. People expect MVP to be consistent because they have been so far. It's only going to make them figure it out more quickly to make people happy.
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I mock it mostly because of how revered their consistency is, like its better than anyone elses, and truthfully theyre subject to the same variables of plastic molding as the rest of the planet. They do seem to have a leg up on a few people tho.
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^^^ exactly. They are at least pretty quick to make tweaks and dial it in once the reports of inconsistencies come back, at least.
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Ya, I have a white Amp, so I guess it is just not a good example of that disc - an early mold that didn't come out quite right.

I would order another Amp, but since the Shock seems to fly
the way I imagined the Amp might, maybe I'll just stick to that

I'm not giving up on MVP. Really like them and want to support them.

However, I will save my DG dollars to try some of the new guys too. Gotta see what the upcoming Dynamic and Prodigy Disc lines feel like.

Hopefully, the kids that started MVP either figure out a way to compete with the Innovas, Discrafts, Latitude 64s (now with Dynamic), and now Prodigy, without all the sponsorships and funds, or they manage to get gobbled up into one of them and still make their Gyro enabled discs with the awesome tactile feel.

Question for the forum users here:

How can I get my display name to not be my email sign in name? I can't find a button for that anywhere!
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I see a lot of people talking about understability and discs that are understable.

For years I've understood it as:
Understable-Pronounced amount of turn, and even if it has fade, will still finish right (assuming RHBH) of where your release point was (I.e. Sidewinder, Roadrunner, Avenger SS, Archangel, Wolf [ugh])
Neutral/Stable-May have significant turn or fade, but will finish more or less in a direct line straight ahead of your release point (I.e. Eagle, Buzzz, Axis, Gazelle)
Overstable-Generally straight upon release, though may have some turn, with a strong fade to always finish to the left of your release point (Viper, Whippet, Nuke OS, Wraith, Pig)

If this is the true defintion, which, like I said, I believe to be correct, then I would lump all of MVPs drivers into the "Neutral/Stable" class judging from anecdotal evidence, as well as my own experience. From tester vids and flight charts, I would say the Shock could almost be overstable, depending on arm speed, and the Amp could almost be understable, just not quite. I love my Volts, and I think I will like the Shock since I love Eagles of all kinds and theyseem roughly similar. But (and I asked this earlier in the thread) I'm not really seeing MVPs goal in releasing all these drivers. It seems to me (and this is in no way a knock on MVP, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool MVP fanboy) that they are just experimenting and putting them on the market because they know wewill buy them by the truckload...
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I think you are seeing the drivers respond differently to skill levels. The gyro pushes the disc into the direction of hit(weight shifting...).
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Originally Posted by zj1002 View Post
I think you are seeing the drivers respond differently to skill levels. The gyro pushes the disc into the direction of hit(weight shifting...).
Well, my problem is that the same throw seems turn over more with the Shock, than the Volt, and the Amp wouldn't turn over at all.

I was throwing them one after the other on holes I play 2-3 times a week, so it seems pretty clear how they behave for me.

Could I have something systematically wrong with my drive? Absolutely.

But other discs seem to behave they way they are advertised for the most part. e.g. My Destroyer is overstable. My Sidewinder in understable. A new or champion T-bird stays straight when I throw it with power, until the end where it fades (although DX tbirds and Valks vary greatly for me, especially once they are worn in). However, these disks don't glide as nicely as my MVP discs do
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siblack, wonder if you did check the PLH on those three driver molds?

BTW I got three Zam/Skullboy stamped Shocks today. Cool electric line colors (silver, blue and red) which is really neat.

Since I busted my left knee and did not play DG for past two months (actually the last time I really threw discs was the day Amp was release which was on Dec 7th). My knee is slowly getting better enough that I can stand up without crutches, I did flick those Shocks from standstill and I really like how it flew.
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