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Low fade shallow putter?

I've been throwing Novas for a while now and absolutely love the flight pattern especially at very low speeds. When it runs out of juice it floats down like a hovercraft with VERY MINIMAL fade - love it! The only issue I have is that the rim is a little deeper than I would like. Shallow putters seem to feel better but in my experience they need more speed to keep them straight. I'm basically looking for the least fade possible at slow speeds but with shallow rim? Any recommendations? Inside the circle is my primary concern for this one rather than driving.

I tried out a pure today and loved the feel. It's also dead straight with any zip on it but for softer putts inside the circle it faded way more than my Novas...
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A worn in base plastic Pure? Shouldn't take long for the fade to dwindle.

XD comes to mind as well.
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Spike is a straighter pure.
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XD ftw
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Might look at the Vibram Summit
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I was tossing between the Nova and the XD for quite some time. And it came down to how consistent I was with either. The Nova, though great for straight shots, was too deep for me. I wouldn't always get clean releases.

The XD on the other hand, I never seem to get a bad release. It was so great for touch approaches. I could vary the nose up to get more fade, or I could point it flatter and get more distance with no fade. I switched the XD for the Nova and haven't looked back.
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I've been putting the lights out with the Warden from Dynamic Discs recently. Not much fade if any, and no bead. It might be a little deep for your tastes, but I have problems with most other discs getting stuck on my finger, and that doesn't happen with the Warden.
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Magic, Swan, Judge, Spike, and their clones are my thoughts.
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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
Spike is a straighter pure.
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