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Yeti & dx big bead.
A good fan grip can be deadly accurate in the 100'-280' range, probably longer.
Lots of thumb pressure, a couple steps then pound the hammer.
Once you get the hang of long fan grip putter shots you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.
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I use a fan grip on an opto pure or soft wizard.
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Originally Posted by ill4mation View Post
Im curious what you guys throw for a 100-200ft approach shot? This has ALWAYS been the weakest part of my game. I usually throw KC Aviars and sometimes rhynos and sometimes the disc comes out late because it hooks on my pointer finger. I use a 2 finger grip for these type of shots. Im also curious what kind of grip do you use.
What everyone else said, especially playing catch.

However, I will say this - I also had trouble with my finger catching on discs with a pointy bottom rim (e.g., Aviar, Pure, and Warlock). Not every time, but occasionally. A more rounded rim bottom like a Wizard, Ion, or Anode gives me a more consistent release.

For whatever reason, I don't have that problem with Rhynos.

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fan grip - aviar, wizard, xd or roc depending on the line/wind etc
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Your wrist action needs to remain the same at all power release levels. Concentrate on having the palm of your hand flatt & pointing towards the ground after you release the disc. Practice Practice Practice
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Definitely wizards for any upshots and an occasional challenger too. Also the closer I get I will use a ridge by vibram because it seems to have less glide to it and I sometimes throw my wizards to far.

A fan grip all the way. Just more control that way.
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Originally Posted by Mattallica View Post
i like to fh shots in that range, i find it easier to get the distance right
agreed, flick upshots are always the first line I look for.. gator out!
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I use a 4 finger power grip on all my approach shots, I like the consistency and power I can get with less effort, a fan grip has never worked for me on anything but putting
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I have the same problem with late release when I try to throw full shots with deep rim putters. They catch my index finger on release. Forget Wizards or Anoids, you'll have the same problem because of their deep rims. Try any of the more shallow rimmed approach discs like XDs, Classic Rocs, Gators, Spiders, etc.
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I do love the voodoo feel so nice In my hands!
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