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The idea of having to tote around that ugly-as-sin Physical Flight bag for the rest of my life sounds too much like purgatory. And what are the chances of Physical Flight being around in 5 years, anyway?

Excited to see what Voodoo puts out, they're the one company that successfully combines form, function, and longevity.
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^^ that really made me lol
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Originally Posted by BillyR View Post
Revolution was a fail because of the lack of quality materials and function.
As for warranty, would you want a car that had a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty or a lifetime unlimited mileage warranty. No brainer here. And if someone tries to justify why the warranty doesn't matter then you "sir" are frivolous and not logical.
Revolution bags may not be made of Titanium but mine is a fricking BEAST. Ive had it for years and have had NO problems with it that I myself havent induced!! Its Ugly now (Atomic Orange ) but itll last forever plain and SIMPLE. Infact now I usually only use it for rain rounds..

Originally Posted by onemilemore View Post
Thank you. I was about to post this same thing.

As for Voodoo's quality, I play with two guys who have, and love, their bags. Top notch, durable materials. We're playing disc golf, not taking bullets, here. If something rips or gets worn in, we'll live to play another day.
I have a Voodoo Karma and have used it for about a year now and I'll have to say its a really nice bag for sure. The POCKETS in the bag are better than any Ive seen on any other bag. Its just well thought out, which is how I assume the Spinal Tap will be. Its tough too I Johnny MC'd it down a fairway a couple of weeks ago (YARDSALE!!) picked it up and kept walking. No biggie the bag is tough. NOT to mention they called me to make sure my bag got to me AND called later and asked if I was enjoying it. Dave at REVO never did that and wouldnt. Voodoo has got my business until the day I can't throw anymore. Just a TOP notch Company...Stoked for the Backpack. One shall be MINE!
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The only lifetime warranty I trust to be true to the word lifetime is mahal.
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Sorry I didn't want you thinking I was ignoring your question. I had to step away from the computer for a bit.

So, in regards to your question about why we chose to offer a 5 year warranty on all our bags? I don't understand the relevance of the question? Why do you need to know why we chose a five year warranty? It was a simply decision that we made that we thought was fair and acceptable.

Now with out getting into more discussions about it. It all boils down to if a Voodoo Bag is right for you and it may not be and thats ok and I respect that. We try and come up with exciting things to implement into our disc golf bags that others have not. We feel that our new backpack will fall in line with our family of bags and not disappoint.

On a side note when we do pre-orders I would be super pumped to see your name on one of them. Thanks for your questions and comments they are alway appreciated.

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Your bags have the most unique look and im sure the backpack will too. Great company!
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I don't see the 5 years being a worry at all. I hardly think the bags are engineered to fall apart after 5 years and a day, and if it magically did, I don't think Voodoo is the type of company that would let it go just because "the warranty expired." My Karma is about a year and a half old and shows no signs of wear at all. I play at least 2x a week, sometimes in the rain. No color fade, no loose stitches. I take care of the things I purchase (especially higher dollar purchases) and anticipate my Karma lasting well beyond it's 10 year warranty. I don't doubt their backpack will outlast it's 5 year warranty by a good margin.
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Its not even really about the warranty, but other companies offer the lifetime warranty and if ur bag is the best, u should give the people everything the other companies offer AND THEN SOME. Thats what puts u on top
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I'm not a fan of backpack bags, but I love my karma and I'm interested in what voodoo comes up with
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Originally Posted by Voodoo Disc Golf View Post
when we do pre-orders I would be super pumped to see your name on one of them.

when can I make you super stoked by putting my name down on a pre-order?
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