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From the picture on facebook, yes it looks like a GRIP. From what we have seen, the shape and design of a GRIP is the most ergonomic and comfortable design for any disc golf bag. Now what voodoo truly excels in is its color variety and material make up. Basically this bag will hands down be the best on the market. Why? It looks like a GRIP, feels like a GRIP most likely, but is made up of everything the original line of voodoo bags which are top of the line that has seen rarely any issues. In addition, it will be cheaper than a GRIP, probably by about 50 dollars, maybe more. But honestly it is difficult to see the more intricate features of the bag from the group photo on facebook. We need to be a little more patient.
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Super Underwelling.
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Originally Posted by inourdr View Post
Mahal. FTW.
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Purple is the shizzzzz!!!
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Kind of a let down. I was hoping for something a bit more innovative....
But with more color schemes, disc storage, better materials and possibly more storage space for things other than discs.....this may beat the Grip bag at the same price point.
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I was hoping for a purple mahal but a purple grip I can work with that
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Originally Posted by juju View Post

Do you have to wear an ugly ass Ed Hardy t shirt with this bag?
^^ L. O. L.
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Grip was the first bag that looked just like a standard backpack. There is a reason normal backpacks are shaped like that. You have standard packs and day packs. Simian and hyzerbomb look like day packs. Mahal is a monster. Everything else looks like a standard backpack(grip if you will). Prodiscus bag even looks the same only fat.
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Originally Posted by sgamerp View Post
looks pretty ugly
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I think I've found my bag....now I have to decide between purple and red! Any idea of the price point? Probably close to $200 huh?
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