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That shock flies like my volt, nice and straight with late fade.

Thanks for the video
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Originally Posted by notroman View Post
You posted your video of the MVP shock.
Hah you're quick. Should be fixed now.
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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
Hah you're quick. Should be fixed now.
Sorry, I was excited to see the video and I was like "well maybe he'll throw the Prodigy discs later in the video". Then I realized that moment wasn't coming.
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I still have a handful of D1's in 166g, 168, and 170
and D4's in 170g and 172

18.99 each plus shipping
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Scaled weight or marked?
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I have been throwing a d1 and I throw 450 max d and it flys somewhere between a boss and a preavery destroyer. it flys great in a head wind which the bosses I have thrown were in consistent. I took many measurements of the d1 in comparison to a boss and they are almost exactly similar however the rim is shaped more like a destroyer. to me production runs of bosses and destroyers don't fly like this disc it is more like oop versions which makes me favor the d1.

the first time I threw the d4 I easily threw my longest drive ever and it was with a moderate to high tailwind. for this shot I usually throw lemon lake star katana and it flew very similar but went a lot further. throwing back into the headwind like I would throw my lemon lake katana it flipped pretty hard and flew into the ground where my katana would have held the line. so to me it is just a lil less stable than a lemon lake katana. the feel of the d4 is pretty great, grippy even when wet unlike the d1 driver. the d4 feels like early run CE and the d4 feels like late run CE/early champ. I only throw innova so I can't compare to anything else. I told myself I would not buy these discs and have them in my bag but when I went to The Nati pro shot and put them in my hands it was a no brainer. I look forward to seeing more of their discs in the near future. I hope they make some super flat disc bc I like using them into headwinds .
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I went out and threw the D1 and D4, not a very good day to get an accurate impression. I will get better footage when the weather permits. Watch in HD or else you can't really see what's happening.

Here's the description:

I will do an actual review once there is a good day.

The first two throws were ESP Nukes to give myself and everyone viewing an idea how the wind situation with a disc they were familiar with.

Something to consider I was throwing into a corn field, Star and Champion discs usually scuff the prodigy did not. Whether or not this holds true IDK, but I'll get more throws in when the weather is better.

Conditions: 25F 65% humidity 10MPH head wind according to the local weather, seemed much faster. The two prodigy throws these were the second throws on each disc, the first was on snow covered grass and I did not exactly throw very well with a high I almost died factor.

On a normal summer day I average 450ft from where I was throwing with my longest throw from that point being 590' with a Star boss. The ESP Nukes I was throwing I typically throw 450-500' from that location. I use a roller to measure the distance so it's accurate. As you can see below today was not exactly a very good day to be throwing.


1. ESP Nuke about 150ft out it cut rolled
2. ESP Nuke throw with hyzer cut rolled about 250 out
3. D4 pretty good throw but it then hit an updraft and went sailing. It did not cut roll instead it just stalled out. Landed 320'
4. D4 did not seem to be affected by the wind, definitely stable with a strong headwind. Landed 380'

Again when there's a good day I will get a real test done. At least this gets some normal throws up on YouTube.

Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly. Click here to see how YouTube videos should be embedded. There could also be a technical issue that's not your fault. Click here to view the video on YouTube's site. If this link doesn't work, you did something wrong.

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All 4 of the disc's are speed 13 correct?
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Mine feel like speed 12 but I haven't measured.
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Originally Posted by aajpity View Post
All 4 of the disc's are speed 13 correct?
All of the Prodigy D line are supposed to be 2.3 rims which is consistent with "speed 12" discs like the force and xcal. However, the destroyer is supposed to be 2.2 according to the pdga and when I carefully measured some specimens of all three of these molds with calipers they all had an almost identical width. This inaccuracy turned out to be true of many popular molds on the document so until someone measures some Ds with calipers we can't know for sure.
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