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Default LE Z Drone

So, I currently throw a Z Hornet, which I love when its fresh, but after 2 years of frequent use, the thing flies like my Z Buzzz. I'm wanting to get a Drone for this overstable slot, and have a question as to the plastic. I'm wondering, for those of you that have thrown this disc in Flx and the LE Z, which yoh like better. Ive only thrown a Flx Challenger and XL, and I'm not sure I like the "squishiness" of this plastic. But then again, I'm not sure if its worth it to spend the $7-8 extra for the LE plastic. What do you guys think/recommend.
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z is super overstable in the beginning and I stopped using it. I use the 08 worlds ones which are of some sort of esp/z plastic but they never break in and are so overstable and consistant. I never have a bad upshot with them EVER. I mean 100/100 upshots are accurate, if there is a mistake I know 100% it is me which have not happened because it goes left in 50 mph wind
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Recommend buying another Z hornet. It's a rare disc that holds it's stability 1+ years later... any disc
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I would just go with the Flx. You can find one in the marketplace for $10-12 and you wont need a new one unless you lose it.
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Although the LE FLX Drone was more stable then the KC (06 I think) Z Drones I have. I just didn't like the way the FLX seemed to flex (physically) when I put some power behind it.
I felt the LE FLX Drones are substantially more stable than the Z Drones are and that was a suprise to me, but I just couldn't get into the feel of them. So the Z Drone it is or was....I know this is not what you are asking, but I just replaced my Drone with a "Q" Sentinal (San Marino). I LOVE this disc! It feels sooo much better in my hand, has more glide and is just as stable as the Drone. So if you are not looking for a Drone, but a good overstable mid. You might want to take a look at the "Q" Sentinal.
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I have thrown both Z drone and flx drone, for me I like the flx drone better, I recently sold all 4 of my Z drones, and now all I have and throw are flx drones I have 6 and 3 in my bag at all time, I think flx is more stable when ripping on them and a lot more consistent for me. Pluse the grip and feel is so awesome on the flx.

That's why they call me "Krohn Drone".
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Z drone is so reliable, I can bh, fh, overhand it with confidence.

It's pretty much a slower bigger predator
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I throw the LE Z Drone...ive thrown the Dynamic Discs version and the 2009 Worlds version and they both fly the same, which is retardedly overstable. My good buddy Greg got rid of his Z's for the FLX because the FLX is much more overstable. My Z's are as broken in as they can possibly get and they are PLENTY overstable, the FLX have almost no glide to them at all for me I would only use it similar for what I use my Z Zone for. I think the Z is a much better disc unless you have a REALLY big arm.
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For a long time, an LE Cryztal FLX Drone was my go-to hyzer approach disc and late-turning flick disc. Loved it. I've been experimenting with different stuff since some tourneys in November, and decided to pick up a couple of LE Z Drones from DD. Love those, too! But that doesn't mean that a Z Hornet isn't a phenomenal disc and deserves to be in the bag.
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I prefer the LE Z Drones. Have two of them. Both are the runs they did for DD. The second ones have a slightly softer and grippier z plastic I think. I love them. I can throw that disc as hard as I want and it's not flipping on me. Finishes with a hard fade. I throw them for big flex upshots and they never disappoint.
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