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The Great Outdoors....

I love the Great outdoors... Especially if it has to do with Disc golf.
Well at my local course has a small creak that runs through it and a hole plays right next to it. This hole is not my favorite and my disc always goes into the creak. In this creak these is poison oak and i am really allergic to it. I threw my disc and like always the disc goes into the creak... i retreave it and I guess i touched the poison oak. As i was playing I had the urge to take a piss... so I relieve my self and 2 days later my MEMBER is swollen and ichy. it took me a few minutes to get what was happening... poison oak.
has this ever happened to anyone else or its just my luck????
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Oh, jeez.
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I would use some oil to fix that "creak". Sorry about the poison oak. I'm highly sensitive to it too, and anytime I get it it travels up my legs almost to my privates so I haven't had that experience. I always use gardners sunscreen that helps block it some, but I don't touch anything. Get a stick if you're unsure at all.
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Round these parts it is poison ivy, nasty little son of a so and so. I am highly sensitive, though very careful about my privates. Just have to learn to recognize it and stay away. I know.....easier said than done sometimes. I have a couple buddies that are not allergic, if I see it and they are around, I have them go in. Drinking heavily seems to lessen the irritation and itch.
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Well I know what it looks like but I didnt see any. I think I touched the think vine when I crossed the creak. And this isnt the first time I got it there too. One time I was on a Nature walk and a vine hit me in the face and i batted it away. I got the urge again and BAM... A few days later I Looked like i feel out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. HAHA.

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Poison Oak and Poison Ivy have nothing on Poison Parsnip (Wild Parsnip). When the oil gets on your skin and it's exposed to UV light, it essentially turns into acid. Google search it for some nasty images like this one: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_sWyDpC2k-L...81074i7HJr.jpg

Be on the lookout for this stuff in areas of drought.
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I get poison ivy all the time if you haven't tried it buy a bottle of Tecnu at the pharmacy works great on poison ivy and poison oak. It is well worth the 10 dollars.
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I've been given several tubes of Zanfel from various tournaments. The stuff is crazy expensive, but it works really well. I've used it before a rash appeared when I knew I was exposed to poison oak or ivy, and it almost completely prevented the rash. I've also used it after I had a full blown reaction (and let me tell you, I am crazy reactive to that stuff) and it got rid of the itching almost completely and helped dry out the blisters.

I also carry a huge bottle of hand sanitizer in the car and use it when I may have been exposed, if you can use it to wipe off the oils before they really sink in it often prevents the reaction.
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"Creak"? "Think vine"? "...looked like I FEEL out the ugly tree"?

Sure you're not a troll?

If I take a crew of 20 out on a wildfire, 3 of them will have some form of allergic reaction to poison ivy/oak/sumac, if we're in the woods. Off to the ER for a steroid shot.

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