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Originally Posted by pablo.diablo View Post
Cuz everybody is listing understable discs for your "anhyzer" category, and I can tell you stable discs generally work better on anhyzer technique unless you are looking for a roller...
That's why I added a turnover option in mine.
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Putter Awards:

hyzer: Pro Rhyno
anhyzer: Pure

Mid-range awards:

anhyzer:BuzzzSS (should probably be a comet, but I do not throw those) - assuming you mean I want to turn the disc to the right on the anny.

Driver awards:

turnover: River
windy play: Predator
Hyzer: Trident
anhyzer:Teebird if I am throwing a slight anny to try to go straight
What I throw on a anhyzer really depends on the situation. I guess the

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Putter Awards:
straight: Omega SS
hyzer: Rhyno
anhyzer: Magnet

Mid-range awards:
straight: Comet
hyzer: Wasp
anhyzer: Fuse

Driver awards:
Long: Sword
turnover: River
windy play: Orc
hyzer: Saint
anhyzer: River
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straight: Beat Pro Rhyno
hyzer: Zone
anhyzer: Ricic beat pro rhyno


straight: Buzz
hyzer: Wasp
anhyzer: Buzz ss


long: Halo
turnover: Roadrunner
straight: PD
hyzer: PD
anhyzer: River
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Throwing Style: LHBH
Posts: 2,784

Putter Awards:
straight: KC Aviar (beat)
hyzer: KC Aviar (fresh)
anhyzer: KC Aviar (beat)

Mid-range awards:
straight: KC Roc (beat)
hyzer: KC Roc (fresh)
anhyzer: X Comet (beat)

Driver awards:
Long: Champ Orc (beat)
turnover: Echostar RoadRunner (beat)
windy play: Champ Teebird (fresh)
hyzer: Champ Teebird (fresh)
anhyzer: TL (beat)
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Straight: Clutch

Hyzer: Zone

Anhyzer: Clutch


Straight: Buzzz

Hyzer: Ghost

Anhyzer: Comet


Long: Krait

Turnover: AvengerSS

Wind: Predator

Straight: Rival

Hyzer: PD

Anhyzer: AvengerSS

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Throwing Style: LHBH
Posts: 2,143

Straight: RPro Aviar
Hyzer: Blunt Gumbputt
Anhyzer: Pro Rhyno

Straight: Z Buzzz
Hyzer: Z XL
Anhyzer: RPro Dart

Long: Blizzard Katana [newish]
Turnover: Champ Roadrunner
Windy: Star Xcaliber
Hyzer: Star Wraith [newish]
Anhyzer: Pro Katana [beatish]
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Courses Played: 33
Throwing Style: LHBH
Posts: 80

Straight: SSS Wizard (beaten-ish)
Hyzer: Glow Wizard
Anhyzer: 3x Yeti Aviar

Straight: X Comet (new-ish, thrown about 70%)
Hyzer: GL Pain
Anhyzer: X Comet (beaten-ish, thrown >70%)

Long: X-Link Medium Lace
Turnover: Champion Mamba
Windy play: Champion Firebird
Hyzer: P-PD
Anhyzer: Champion Mamba
Straight: (I'm bringing down the category from Putters & Mids as well to describe what I throw when I want a frozen rope that goes as far as possible before fading, if at all): Star TL
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Location: Charlotte, Nc
Years Playing: 8.1
Courses Played: 248
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 3,610

Putter Awards:

straight:Pro Rhyno

hyzer:Glow Zone

anhyzer: Lat. 64 Spike

Mid-range awards:

straight: Z -Buzzz SS

hyzer:FLX Drone

anhyzer: Flat Top Glow Coyote

Fairway Drivers:

Straight: Star TL

Overstable: Any Firebird

Understable: Pro Leopard

Driver awards:

Long: Blizzard Destroyer

turnover: Old Destroyer

hyzer:Pop Top or glow Destroyer
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Years Playing: 11.7
Courses Played: 78
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 1,176

Putter Awards:
straight: Beat up Aviar P&A
hyzer: Brand New Aviar P&A
anhyzer: Beat up Aviar P&A

Mid-range awards:
straight: Comet
hyzer: Ching Roc
anhyzer: Beat up D Buzz/Comet

Driver awards:
Long: Vulcan
turnover: Sidewinder
windy play: Firebird
hyzer: Orc
anhyzer: Sidewinder
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