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Throwing Style: RHBH
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Putter Awards:
straight: magic
hyzer: Wizard
anhyzer: dart

Mid-range awards:
straight: buzzz
hyzer: wasp
anhyzer: wolf

Driver awards:
Long: crush
turnover: sidewinder
windy play: xxx
hyzer: flick
anhyzer: volt
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I'm only voting for two discs.

Overstable Putter: Credo
Understable Midrange: Lucky
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straight: JK Aviar
hyzer: PIG
anhyzer: JK Aviar


straight: Fuse
hyzer: KC PRO Roc
anhyzer: KC PRO Roc
turnover: Fuse


long: E* Destroyer
turnover: Mamba
straight: Teebird
hyzer: Teebird
anhyzer: Teebird
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Courses Played: 25
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 1,004

Putter Awards:
straight: Magic
hyzer: P2
anhyzer: Magic

Mid-range awards:
straight: Cro
hyzer: Demon
anhyzer: Mission

Driver awards:
Long: Echo Star Katana
turnover: Secret Weapon
windy play: PD
hyzer: PD
anhyzer: Eagle X
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Years Playing: 5.4
Courses Played: 37
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 157

Putter Awards:
straight: SS Wizard
hyzer: SS Wizard
anhyzer: SS Wizard

Mid-range awards:
straight: DX Roc
hyzer: KC Roc
anhyzer: Beat KC Roc

Driver awards:
Long: Havoc
turnover: Beat DX Teebird
windy play: Glow Champ Teebird
hyzer: Fresh DX Teebird
anhyzer: Star Valkyrie
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
actually i think using hyzer / anhyzer is better because it's what disc holds those lines better. though you have a point that most people will probably put understable discs in the anhyzer category when they probably mean turnover. so turnover should be a category.
It is great that you make that distinction because honestly I would answer with a different disc depending on the interpretation. What I think would make a great understable disc actually requires it to be thrown with some hyzer to fly the way I think would make it great. Conversely, what I think would make a great anhyzer disc actually requires a good deal of stability to make sure that it does not turn and burn.

I am not going to fill in every category, but here is what I would like to nominate (and, keeping in mind what I said about stability and angle of release).

Putter -
Straight: Soft Judge
Anhyzer: Neutron Ion

Mid -
Straight: Icon Ghost
Hyzer: Meteor
Anhyzer: Icon Ghost

Driver -
Fairway: Pinnacle Rival
Long: Pinnacle Canon
Turnover: Star Leopard
Windy: Glow Champion TeeBird or Totem TeeBird
Anhyzer: Glow Champion TeeBird
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Needs some structure.

Putter Awards:
Straight: D-line P2
Hyzer: S-line P2
Anhyzer: D-line P2
Midrange Awards:
Straight: Z Buzzz
Hyzer: Z Buzzz
Anhyzer: Z Buzzz SS
Driver Awards:
Max D: Beast
Anhyzer: X Avenger
Turnover: X Avenger
Straight: X Avenger
Hyzer: Z Avenger
windy play: Proline Tsunami
That's better.
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Location: Asheville, NC
Years Playing: 18
Courses Played: 75
Throwing Style: RHFH
Posts: 1,655

Putter Awards:
straight: Pure
hyzer: Pure
anhyzer: Pure
overstable utility: Zone

Mid-range awards:
straight: Warship
hyzer: Trident
anhyzer: Warship
turnover: Fuse

Driver awards:
long: Flow
straight: Saint
turnover: River
windy play: XXX
hyzer: Saint
anhyzer: River
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Years Playing: 4.8
Courses Played: 28
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 398

Straight: Ridge
hyzer: Star aviar driver
anhyzer: dart

Straight: buzzz
hyzer: roc
anhyzer: buzzz ss

long: destroyer
straight: beast
hyzer: firebird
anhyzer: sidewinder
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Courses Played: 29
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 87

Putter Awards:
straight: Wizard
hyzer: Rhyno
anhyzer: Anode

Mid-range awards:
straight: Buzzz
hyzer: Gator
anhyzer: Panther

Driver awards:
Long: Teebird
turnover: Leopard
windy play: Firebird
hyzer: Teebird
anhyzer: Teebird
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