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Went out to field practice.

I showed up at this church to meet my friend and we started bombing them right away. It was 32 degrees with a 5mph right to left. We were wearing 3 layers and I thought i was doing better than ever. back in summer and fall I was throwing consistently 325'-350'. When I got home I used google maps to figure out how far I was throwing. I had some land in or past the soccer goal(about 425') but my average was 370'-390'...in three layers and thin air. I cant wait till summer! Anyone else get surprised by how their distance has progressed?
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Last year I went thru a good growth/learning phase. For a strong Dogleg right hole (#2 at Kilborne, 290 ft) that takes a tight LHBH Hyzer/Fade I went from throwing Valkryie > Teebird > Drone > Zone. Controlled but power drives went from 275-300ft to 350ft. My next phase of development is throwing more sidearms.
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Last summer, after a year off of disc golf, I picked up the discs again and by mid-summer I was throwing in the 330-375' range. Since then I've found DGCR, skilled playing partners, and technique threads/videos. I haven't been out to the driving range since fall (live in MN so just getting to disc golf is a plus this time of year) but I am looking forward to the spring. I've also been in the gym 5-7 times a week working out. My goal this year is to crack the 400' barrier consistently and I am confident that is more than just possible.

I have noticed that my putters and mids are going further, and more accurately, than ever before...so I'm hoping that my distance drivers show the same improvement in the spring!
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g2avity I'm there with ya man, I'm just waiting to get out without having to bundle up and actually play a full hard round without ice on the tees.
Last year I was able to get my distance to 325' while still aiming and planting it where I want it to. I can get farther while sacrificing some accuracy.
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Is this a brag about your internet distance thread?

I kid, I kid......
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Google maps is not the most accurate. It once told me I threw 430. The throw was 363.
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Originally Posted by prerube View Post
Google maps is not the most accurate. It once told me I threw 430. The throw was 363.
It must be the curvature of the Earth...
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Originally Posted by Scared_Discless View Post
It must be the curvature of the Earth...
Relativity, man...those satellites are in OUTER SPACE
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I went from riches to rags. Tendonitis in the elbow forced me to take up throwing with my off arm(LHBH). As of the 11th of Feb. I'll have a month of resting/rehabbing my strong arm, with at least another month to go I figure. Since I've started throwing lefty my distance has increased, but it couldn't have gotten any shorter. I still throw it behind me on occasion(grip lock... you dick). I did however have my first birdies ever(with either hand) on holes #4 & 5 @ Watson Lake with the south paw. I still fell apart on the last three to finish 1 back of everyone. But my drives and putts on those two holes were well executed... and what more can one ask for?
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