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They should name the new look " Acetone Ready"
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Originally Posted by DocHaole View Post
They should name the new look " Acetone Ready"

At first glance the stamp looks a lot like discmania c-line. And I agree the font looks silly. Why in the hell do you have two different fonts on the same disc? One is serif and one is sans serif. Gahhhhhhhhhhh.

All things considered--I don't really give a poop what the stamp looks like, and its nice to change it so as to identify when a disc was made and/or how those particular molds tend to fly.
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Originally Posted by drxandy View Post
it's so aloof it makes it look like a kids toy
This is exactly what I thought when I saw them, they look like toys.
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Cool. I honestly dont mind it, but I'm not going to sell any if my old stock innova. 10 years from now I'm gona be selling 2x champ beasts for CE prices.
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Looks like nerf products....
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Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
New DGA D-Line vs New Champion - opinions?
I vote DGA did the better upgrade.

I could take or leave the circle on the Innova stamp. The multiple fonts is harsh to the eyes but meh. I really just don't like that Champion comes across more prominent than the mold name. This is surely going to add to this conversation:
"What'd you throw there?"
"It was a blue Innova."
"Innova what?"
"Innova Champion."
"Innova Champion what?"

I could get down with some D-Line Tsunamis with that stamp.
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I like the way they look. My guess the change came because the new champion plastic blend. They tend to change design when plastic blends change....even just a little 'tweak' to blends, there will be a tweak in the design. Bigger changes to plastics normally mean a bigger change in stamps.

That's my understanding from some friends that work at Innova.
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I like it
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Meh wasnt a fan of the bubble font of the logo on the blizs...very cartoonish...maybe itll intice some people to buy um maybe it wont...I would go with the if its not broke dont fix it adage but if Innova felt they needed to revamp the stamp to usher in a redone line of plastic than so be it...
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It however is better than the tri-stamp that's on blizzard, King Cobra and Super Stingray
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