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Hideous stamp, but the plastic is prettier. At least they got that right (by ripping off Lat 64). If I like how a disc flies I could care less how it looks though.
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Old Champ stamps are ugly, and so are the new ones. They should hire me to be their graphic artist.
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meh...as long as they fly like they should I will get over it. Its not like the old stamp was much better. Just acetone parts of the stamp and it will look fresh. You will be the first on your block with a custom look.
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I like to wipe or selectively wipe the stamps off of pretty much all of my discs.

This new champ stamp doesn't bother me in the least.
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Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
They've got several talented artists over at Innova and I feel their need for something universal and corporate-fun. Still... the whimsical font age is over, and that font don't cut it. Star is more "now" than this one. But I'd rather see factory artwork err on the side of childlike than on the side of angsty. And that new D-Line was me, so I've been through this exercise recently.
completely agree, stay away from the angst pleeeasssse
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This new Champion looks just like MVP's Proton, right? At least, from the pics, it does.
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Wonder if/when they mold the Teebirds up in this plastic the flight will change much
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If they come out like the Totem ones they'll be pretty overstable.

I have a Beast in this plastic, but the old stamp that I'm now happy I'm not throwing.
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After a few looks I would like 1.) Change that bubbly font and 2.) Move the "Champion" to the bottom part of the face so that it reads "Champion ______" like how it currently is and has been. Other than that it looks fine to me.
I am intrigued on the grippiness of this new blend of plastic. Sure looks nice, but hope it has some grip and isn't slick as it looks.
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I'd buy some production champy-star blends.

Not a fan of the font and hate all flight numbers. Plastic looks nice and clear but is it grippy, stiff, gummy?
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