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Played this hole many times. I always think I will deuce it, rarely do. I take the gap to the left and throw lefty. Always seem to be 40-50 out. Nasty little green than can really screw you if your too aggressive.
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Ooh...looks like a fun one. Couple different options to choose from. Throw a Buzzz straight at it. Throw a Wasp on a hyzer and let it fade into position. Or throw a Monster on a spike hyzer (not a big, big, big, Pro DGer spike hyzer, but a spike nonetheless) and tombstone it next to the basket.

At least, this is how it all goes down in my head.
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z buzzz

soft focus
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Originally Posted by dusty5150 View Post
Even from the pictures and map I'm having a hard time picturing this hole, so I'll go with the flow and Spike a Z Pred, Eraser Wizard for the putt(s)
I agree with Dusty, I can't quite see the route.
With that in mind, I'll go with a Pro Shark from the longs and a Yeti Aviar from the shorts.
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those pics need to be changed on the course page. there are 2 pics from hole 8 on hole 7 I think
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RHFH Star Wraith from the longs
S line Gremlin from the short.
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I'll just go with a Vector from the blue tee and an Ion from the red.
Ridge to finish out.
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Fun course. Fun hole.

If I played the shorts I'd try to squeeze my beat SB aviar in there.

Longs is a powered down spike with a firechicken.

Some Wausau/point folks will be down there this spring. Planning on hitting all 3.
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Very cool looking around the green. I guess a PD from the longs.
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Lose the second picture......

Long Tee.....high, wide hyzer with a roc. don't go deep or have an uphill putt.
Short Tee....little banshee forehand.

Got an ace from long with 8x KCRoc!

(see signature!)
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