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I take it back; you should do either 1-2 or 3-4.
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Originally Posted by GoodDriveBadPutt View Post
Don't listen to Prerube, Matrix, haters gonna hate and hate and hate.

Hate hate hate hate hate.

...or maybe they're providing tips that would maximize one's chances of breaking the existing record.
- Longer days = less glow holes = less to go wrong. I would think one key to success in this type of endeavor is to reduce eliminate things that could go wrong:
- Have people place your disc on the next tee.
- Have someone else keep track of how many rounds/holes you've played. 0
- Have Dominoes deliver to the course.
- Don't order personal size pizza (you wouldn't want to get confused and throw it at the basket)...

20 or so hours into it, he's likely to feel a bit punchy and not thinking his best; less to go wrong = good.

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Originally Posted by grodney View Post
Well, I wouldn't go that far. There's nothing stopping the record from being recognized within the disc golf world. Yeah, it would be nice if it were Guinness-certified, just to keep things tidy. But it's not *necessary*. I mean, it's not like there's some mystical bearded dude in flowing robes decreeing that the record for most holes played must be certified by Guinness. Amirite?

I'm think 1 or 2 of the records between the Cedar Falls guys and DJSchnabel weren't Guinnessified.
Donovan was the first member of the 1000 hole club. He was Guinnessified (1002).

My friend, brother and I were second (1035), and Guinnessified.

Olorin was third, 1114 I believe, and not Guinnessified.

Tim Habernick (sp?) was the next at 1201, and Guinnessified. At or around the same time, maybe even at the same time at the same course, there was another who played more than Olorin's total, but less than TimH's.

I was the last knucklehead, 1305, Guinnessified.

Originally Posted by sprintermatt View Post
I recall the record was done on a 3 hole course that was basically a triangle. Not exactly disc golf in my book... more like... throw and walk.
Incorrect. 9 hole course, same idea as what you envision. The holes were mostly flat, mostly open, not extremely challenging, but then again that's not the focus.

Matrix, good luck in your attempt! My tips are start fast, minimize breaks, have somebody feed you as you play, and make sure all volunteers know what's expected of them. If you have to stop and guide them, that takes time away from you. Have somebody manage the event (coordinate caddys and such) for you.

If you need some tips on your Guinness submission, hit me up.
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Thanks DJ Schnazzy Schnabel. Here's Lowe's list, which I think is complete (https://sites.google.com/site/dgresources2/Home/records). Dan Thompson is the Forgotten Kennedy from the same day as Habinecht's record.

For cleanliness, I hope Matrix goes the route of Guinness. But time seems tight for that.
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I will attempt this someday. I need to live near a course that is ideal though.
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Just a thought after looking at the map, I wonder if you'd get more in if you did some number of loops of the first 4 holes, then went and did that same number of loops of the back 5, that would save you several iterations of the walk from 4 to 5 and from 9 to 1. I'm looking into whether I can come up and help out this weekend, not sure yet but I'm going to try.
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heres the link again, it seems to be working.


I did go through Guinness, and they send you a criteria of evidence you need to collect in order to prove that you actually accomplished the record.

Originally, I was going to play holes 1, 4, 5 in a loop for 500 straight times. Unfortunately, the record specifically says that you have to play the course in order, from start to finish. So, I will have to play the course 141 times. It comes down to about a hole every minute. I'll be traveling almost 75 miles during play if I do get to the record. I'll also have about 40 volunteers helping.

Mashy, if you came up and helped out that would be fantastic, let me know, I believe you have my phone number
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You got this!
I'd throw down some $$ but I'm broke..
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Damn, a hole a minute. i hope you're in shape. Some prolly said that already though.
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Speaking of things to go wrong...
I'm just wondering if it is better, for avoiding turned ankles or other issues, if you do the night golf first, when you are least fatigued. Start at sunset?
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