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Mamba or unLace for a low arm speed player

Good day,
I'm a beginner, having only started playing this summer. I'm only about 5'7 and I'm really out of shape, I have pretty bad arm speed. I throw my super beat up 150g Leopard about 300 feet on an extreme hyzer (it's so beat up that I have to give it an extreme hyzer, else it will turn and burn). I also throw my 172g Valk about the same distance.

I'm thinking about trying out some ultra high speed understable discs, discs like the Mamba or the unLace. Or perhaps get some super low weight blizzard Terns or whatever. What do you think about the kind of distance I will get with such discs? Will they be too stable for me, even tho they are rated -5 for turn? Will they add distance? Are there anyone who have been throwing similar distance to me that have tried out one of these discs, and if so, how did they fly for you?
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In before "you need to throw your mids 350' before discing up."

Unlace is meant to be thrown 44 miles per hour, by Vibram's numbers, making it their "slowest" disc besides the Summit, in spite of its huge rim.

It's touchy, but when you hit it just right, amazing distance.
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I would get a champion mamba in the high 160s. A lot of slower arms including myself ( I throw around 350' - 375')throw a mamba and works out good. The shallow rim also makes it feel more like a speed 8-9 disc. I have a star tern but I don't like wide rim discs. I usually stick to speed 9 and lower discs except for the mamba. Others that throw a mamba I know were throwing around 300' and bumped up to 320-350 with a mamba. I think of the mamba as the understable equivalent of a firebird. Hyzer flips, short overhand throws, rollers. It my trick disc and long range driver in a tailwind or no wind. I have thrown a unlace but didn't like it. I would throw the mamba flat until you get it beat in a bit and get your arm speed up.
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Mamba over Unlace. The Unlace was so understable, i had trouble getting any distance out of it whatsoever. if you are going to go that understable, i think you would do a lot better with a lower speed option.
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You might not have the power to keep the high speed discs aloft long enough to fully appreciate their attributes. The slow armed players Ive played with have the most success with lower speed distance drivers in base plastic. I recommend DX Vikings and/or Valkyries in the high 150s/ low 160s
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mamba, however I don't think you should throw either.

I recommend the "how to build a bag" thread as well as sticking to speed 7 and lower until your game progresses.

It really does work and A LOT of people find out far too late.
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mamba over the touchy unlace, however, I would start out with a DX leopard or sidewinder and eventually a Gstar sidewinder. It gives you motre room to grow. However, if you are only thinking of the two....the mamba X 1 million
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Unlace. Buy 2 or 3. Practice.
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I dig the mamba, its like a flatter faster valkyie, that FOR SURE turns hard at high speed, i think they're a cool disc. i have a couple and 1 for sale only thrown 3 times, (only reason, I bought 2
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The unlace is probably going to frustrate you greatly. I would go get a couple of Teebirds in the 160s. Maybe a Valk or a Hu as well.
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