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Originally Posted by CaptainAnhyzer View Post
Legendary disc IMO!

If you're looking for a more durable replacement, pick up an R-Pro XD.
Thank you! I love this disc. I kinda wish I hadn't broken it, but it has a history now. My dad is the reason I play.

Soon, this disc will be framed and posted on the wall at the top of my Disc Wall (the wife already OK'd a disc wall for the new house!) This disc will always be cherished
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Default Fallen Warrior

Too deep of snow to use my main bag so I broke out the expendable "snow" discs. Sure Grip Warrior hit a tree at Brekke and cracked, only 1/4 way across the diameter of the disc. Was a little curious on how a disc would fly with a partial crack, so putting my thumb on the break I was able to throw effectively for a few more times. Less stable than before, but it kept fighting like a "true warrior". Made it until it hit metal and cracked the rest of the way.
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SB grids. Broke.
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Its been a rough month for me.... I lost a good buddy on a sweeping anhyzer that never hit anything but the ground. One of my first discs ever, and the first disc I got an ace with, back in 2004. RIP ROC.

Then today one of my 10x aviars died. Didnt have any sentimental value to it like the roc did, it was the second time I had thrown it. 73 degrees today too.

At least it made a Gnarly sawtooth crack..
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Dang, that's a crazy crack! Sorry for your losses.
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I'll get a pic of the broken comet on my mailbox when it is light out tomorrow.
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Default my poor sw

second throw with the flattest sidewinder ive ever hadDSCF6268.jpg. 42 degrees outside. hit a tree about 120 out
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Default Just a regular putt!

Originally Posted by tomdizzlefizzle View Post
A couple of the pictures people say they broke their Putter putting? I've had two discs break lifetime off drives and I play ALOT of dg. I feel for you, it would be a sad day if I threw my putter thinking I'm making a nice putt and it hits the basket and cracks. Actually I change my mind that would be hilarious

I was making a routing putt from about 30' out & came up a little short. The disc hit the cage & split & hung! It was the weirdest thing!
It was not hilarious any any way! This was a game-used putter that Steve Rico used in a round of the 2013 Worlds at Nevin. He gave it to me & it was money $$! I used it a bunch until this happened!
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Mass buddy Jason lost a friend today...........

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Originally Posted by CaptainAnhyzer View Post
Mass buddy Jason lost a friend today...........

Wow, I have never seen a disc that messed up!
Rest in pieces Firebird.
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